Dear friend gunilla caisson,
A lot of thanks for inviting me to the group. But one thing, which I want to tell you in advance that at the moment I am the trouble. You have invited trouble to your group. Actually I am living in an area which is the center of war on terrorism. I think some friends are knowing me. They knew that several times I have created problems for them. Actually sometime my weeping disturb the other people, but I have to weep as I want to tell the world that I am in trouble. My wife and my children are in trouble. I want to tell the world that war is not a solution to the problems. The war increases the problems. But dear friend gunilla caisson, I am seeking apology in advance if you ever consider me as trouble. But I am in the trouble.

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Hello again my friend Muhammad,

Coming here has helped me add the piece that completes another tiny puzzle.


It is the nature of Life to perform in a way that is admired by others.
But By Who ?

Some of us perform for nations and for religions.
And some of us perform for Life, for creation and for God.

I know that life is a sacrifice we all make for the future of this Evolving Creation.
When a tree falls, I cry in celebration of it's Life and it's mission.

Some may call it greed to hope to someday be worthy of your tears, and your gratitude,
I call it Life.
This this has completed the puzzle :

I am here to FEED the future of Creation.
Why are ''nations'' and ''religions'' here ?
What on Earth are they living for ?
Are they alive at all ?

I will not serve them and the expense of Life, Creation and God.

The puzzle is completed.

- Thomas T. Panto
I cannot understand your problems but I`m sad to hear that you are in trobble. Yes but sometimes just witing about them may help a little,
I hope for the best for you and your family
Thank you very much my dear friend gunilla caisson for your kind comment. With the passage of time you will know what kind of trouble I am. But I am the trouble. May be my trouble ends here. I am optimist. I always hope for the best, but keep myself prepared for the worst. A lot of thanks for your comment.
Oh! my dear Thomas T. Panto, I am really happy after hearing from you. You are really a nice and good man. Now I think I will enjoy my stay here. Thank you very much for the comment. Actually I am still in the journey. I do not know where the jouney will end. But I am going without information whether I am going in the right direction or the wrong. But I shall want to tell you I shall continue my journey. My journey will end one day. I think the journey of the whole world will end one day and that will be the Day of Judgement. Then everyone will be judged.
Again thank you very much
I cannot imagine what you must be dealing with. You're right, war is never the solution. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I also weep when I see suffering, injustice, poverty and war. I hope you find some peace and consolation here among like-minded people.
Actually nowadays I am living in the center of war on terrorism. I have wife and four children. The continued fighting has been affecting my children. Bajaur Agency is the place where the army has been conducting operation for the last several months. Half of the Bajaur Agency has been destroyed. Basically I am a journalist, but nowadays I have been working for the peace. I am just sharing a link of an article with you from which you will lear somethings about me. But at the moment I am eager to establish relationship with all peace loving people. I want to make this world a better place. I want a world where all the people enjoy the life. I want a world where the people will have the right to lead the life according to their will. The following is the link of the article written by Jan, one of my friends, who is the managing editor of OEN.
My dear friend asawer, Walaikum Asalam Warehmatullah Wabarakatuh. A lot of thanks for your kind words.
I saw at Swedish TV yesterday about the inferno in these regions. I hope you and your family are still OK.
Let us now as soon as it is possible for you to tell us.

Must come to and end soon.
All my sympathy/Gunilla


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