in Loving memory of 9/11 victims, creating a new world of Peace

Dear Friends,
In Loving memory of 9/11 victims, creating a new world of Peace,
Time, 9/11 from 12 pm - 10/11 12 am

9/11 is now 10 years. I wish to pay respect to those, who died for the act of terror here, wish to celebrate all the brave firemen, all the amazing humans, who did an extraordinaire heroic deed to save human lives,

WICO was founded by dr. Dalia Steiner and Rev. Marilyn Kotulek
as a respons to the 9/11 tragedy, a mutual wish to work for Peace & Love brought worlds together in an amazing work for Peace,

So on this day let us send out our heartfelt wish for a new world founded on Peace, let us with the pure intention of Peace create a new world of hope for our sons and daughters to grow up and be happy,

no more war..

Women give life, WICO Women International Coalition Organization, now with over 80 chapters worldwide, women in ONE heart working for a better world for men, women, children, uniting beyond culture, religion, belief, history..

“Message from The Angel of LOVE
"I am the Angel of LOVE, I come forward on this beautiful new day to bring you a message of love and happiness. I have always been in oneness with humanity, I have always cared and caressed every heart, I have always taken care of the blessed children of God, I have always been there to help those who had closed down their hearts in fear, I have always been there to bring new love to those who lost faith in love, I have always been there to open new doors of love for those, who could not see open doorways, I have always caressed the child in grief, I have always kissed the mothers who lost their little babies, I have always opened the hearts of the cold men in war, I have always hugged those who chose abuse as a way out of their own pain, I have always stroked the cheek of the fatigue ones, I have always loved all of Gods children, showing them unconditional and unending love and care"

Please join in, Light a candle for those who lost their lives, Light a candle for a NEW WORLD OF PEACE ..

Birgit Andersen
International President WICO

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