I have just finished working on a Blog to inform those of my friends on iPEACE who don't already know, that Vancouver, BC, Canada (my province) will be hosting "PEACE SUMMIT 2009: Nobel Laureates in Dialogue," September 26 - 29th. Here is a short piece from the Blog which describes some of my personal feelings about the things we can do to promote and achieve Peace.

Let me know your feelings on children learning about current events in the world DAILY, from their first classroom to their last. Teaching children to get along with each other and make friends should go part of the way to eliminating bullying. So give me some feedback, people! *smile* --Christie (BTW,Come check out the rest of the Blog on my Profile when you're done here! :)

VANCOUVER — The Dalai Lama will headline a “spiritual dream team” of Nobel Peace Prize laureates and international activists at a peace summit this September in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Victor Chan: "Education is a key component of the Peace Summit.".

University of B.C. associate professor Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, who works closely with B.C. educators, will be part of a panel with the Dalai Lama and Clyde Hertzman discussing the paths to fostering social and emotional well-being in children.

“We’ll be highlighting some of the work that is being done in B.C. that is unique to the world, such as mindfulness education,” Schonert-Reichl said.

“Mindfulness education is about helping kids learn strategies to really be aware of what they are thinking and feeling in the moment, appreciating the now, and really being attentive in relationships,” she said.

“In B.C., we’re the only place in the world where the promotion of social responsibility is one of the four performance standards of education,” Schonert-Reichl said. “It’s about practising democratic rights and responsibilities, contributing to classroom and community, promoting diversity and human rights, fostering empathy, compassion and altruism.”

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It is very charming to see the Dalai Lama, always. A very nice indeed man.
I love Tibet, despite I feel things will never be the same again there, ever, but, perhaps, in Canada.
I want to record music for the BARDO TODOL.
Love hugs.
Hello TAZA, and thank you for replying to this discussion. I'm not sure what you mean by recording music for the BARDO TODOL. Do you mean the band from Italy or the ceremonies and rituals for the Bardo Thodol in The Tibetan Book of the Dead? There is a lovely documentary, narrated by Leonard Cohen which goes into great detail on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Here is Part 1a and the rest of the video can be found there as well in several other sections. I intend to watch all of them, myself.

If you are looking for the Band, Bardo Todol from Torino, Italy here is a link to their site on Myspace where you will find some of their music and links to their other websites. Are you a fan of Trance Music? Sailor could probably help you out with that. Thanks again! :) --Christie "u>;bardotodol >"

That's Great Christi and if well enough I will try to make it! Thanks
Hello Joe... I think you would enjoy the Summit. The keynote of course is educatiion and dialogue. Teaching children and people of all ages how to communicate more easily with one another. Many of the speakers have won the Nobel Peace for their efforts at promoting Peace. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mariadh McGuire, former President of Ireland a nd so forth... Spiritual leaders, politicians, environmentalists, educators and many ordinary people with a Desire for Peace, will make the Summit a success.

But I was talking here about communication and education as part of every day life, for children and adults alike. The more we know, the less likely we are to be used as "cannon fodder" by our Leaders. The National Governments of countries will no longer rush to ally themselves with other countries to take part in, or to declare a war that they fear their population will not support or even actively oppose.

Did I write another speech, lol! But you KNOW that I am passionate on the subject of PEACE. --Christie
Love your , mind , passion and energy. Energy creates energy!

Love JMS
Yes, Sailor, I will be attending as part of group made up of educators, social workers, care givers, nurses and a few others, lol! I can hardly wait and only pray that nothing will happen in the next few weeks to deprive me of this opportunity! Say a prayer for me... *smile* --Christie

I am very happy for you, Christie!

Do write something after the event.

As I told you some days ago "I believe that the education is the primordial way to reach the peace and the happiness of the humanity, also I totally agree with you that to follow a good strategy of communiction, we surely will suceed in the world of peace in our planet,
Yours sincerely


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