We have so many lovely Poetic ipeace members who's words of Wisdom are written in poem form.
Like our dear friend Hussain Jack M. ,RJK, joni,and more..Wise and wonderful words,emotions conveyed in poem,rhyming,lyrical form.
So, I start this discussion for them, or anyone here wishes to. I sometimes write in lyrical,rhyming,poetic form. I'm not a poet,but have my moments of inspiration,since childhood.

copied from comment by joni...


a poem is a deep expression of soul...pain joy or sorrow the beauty it

emotions released explode into being...the feeling we get is o so freeing :)

spontaneous poem by me inspired by leah

written by joni

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Another Reality
by Leah DiMaria 1999

Your psychiatrist is wrong!
The time of day does not matter.
Neither does the day of the week or
The day's date.
Love is ALL that matters.
The moment matters.
If you are still enough you will find Eternity.
The birds in the trees matter.
We Can be grateful for every bird.
In every tree- if we choose to.
Your friends matter. Your family matters.
Even your enemies matter.
Maybe the Love we give to the ones we Love the least matters Most.
You have been lied to.
Love is ALL that matters.
But, you can always choose;
Another Reality.

*thank U hussain jack for posting this pic,I said I would be using it-somewhere ,lol :)
LOVE to All you lovely peeps!
lol, uhuh I planned invite jack AND you replied b4 I my bits of wisdom poetic words,posted..was already written when you replied sweet poetic sista' :D I have 1 more add,not gotten to yet..look forward to reading YOUR bits of poetic wisdom! :))))

ps. i just left invite for jack, on WCAS group wall..

What is life without dreams and poetry?
Lovely pic & so true words Clicia :))
Yes the World,life needs dreams & poetry..
I so do agree with that Clicia *smile* Cannot live without any of those two..
What is life
without dreams and poetry?

Dreams and poetry
Without dreams and poetry, not live
Life itself is a poetry
written by the greatest poet God
love-ly to see both of your wods here gunilla and Clicia..yes wise words all three of u,joni sista' , dear gunlla and Clicia..
smiles :))
much luv back atcha' joni sis xxx
Oh, I just saw the part of comment.".spontanious poem by me inspired by leah."
.Awwww blush..I very touched Sista' Beautiful! like yoooo is :))) Loveeee yoooo xx
My Manic Depression
by Leah DiMaria 1999, April 14th

My problem is ;
With the World
I have Love !(mania)
The World
Has little.
I get Depressed
When the World
Is successful
At beating it
Out of me!

* this was written many many years ago..but sometimes I still (did) feel this way. iPeace changed this,in me!
Because, LOVE is celebrated,shared,visible,felt,given..all over the World,here on this network & in my heart!
Global love fest,daily..on ipeace,in our hearts,for real LOVE!
"A Cry for Peace " A Poem (lyrics) & Story
* written by Leah DiMaria -(1980's) in part inspired by my sadness, fear as a Mother,as well as my anger at the stupidity of our world leaders, during 1st Gulf war- called "Desert Storm"

On our land and in all Nations
Greed and aggression, Man's domination
Threaten our lives with their in toleration
Of their brothers in foreign lands
The fate of our world lies in their Human hands.

In a race to beat Man's neighbor
Bombs created could destroy All nature
Why then must men strive to compete;
To see who can outdo the other Man's fleet?
Around the world this story unfolds
To ensure our safety,We are all told.

No arsenal of weapons will guard those we love
From Man's inhumanity to Man,the world is so full of,
So put down your weapons and open your heart
Of this world,we are All a part!

When I look upon the faces
Of all man from different races,
I see the children of one Mother
Brother and Sister we are to one another.

One world,One people
One dream of peace..
Is this a glimmer of hope,
For our human race?

In 1993 this was recorded as a song. Lyrics by me,music ( acoustic guitar) by my ex -husband
Sean DiMaria . I edited & and left out the chorus,words written as Lyrics, so as to be written here as a combination of both a story & poem..that pours out my feelings about wars,weapons,governments,world leaders in general,fighting each other over senseless greed,racism,religion,fear and in tolerance! And in hopes that my words may inspire others to be more understanding, open minded and see that We are all One race, Human!

Over the years Sean & I performed this song for various events,groups and friends. I have the only copy of the original recording. I had hoped to have one of my many musician friends,ex boyfriends.. re record in better quality, adding percussion that the original lacked. Perhaps I will in the near future?
Peace and Love for all my Brothers and Sisters xx

Aww shucks, blushin again..Thank U for being just YOU sista joni..as I like to say..we are uniquely special..:))
Some Dessy Wisdom

Wisdom begins with the realisation that we don't know,
When we think we know, quite often we don't,
Intelligence and intuitive knowing is awakened,
when we realise that we are more than the thinker in our heads,
When that knowing is more than just a fixed view in our minds,
When it is an expansive, intuitive feeling,
That is connected with all that is in the universe,
Connected with universal love and understanding,
then the light of consciousness and wisdom flows through our being,
and through our words and actions,

Like a bird that flies but does not stop to think how it flies,
if it does, it will fall,
Or a caterpillar with 100 pairs of legs that doesn't look to see how it walks,
It if does, it falls over,

There is a source of freedom available to us all,
If we are able to connect with it.
In that freedom, thought is connected with limitless intelligence,
In that space, thought and action are one,
An inseperable force of wisdom.

We are both human and spiritual,
Having an inner purpose to be aware and awakened,
And an outer purpose of form,
In a life that is hopefully filled with creativity and doing things we love,
To me both are to be honoured,

Where the ultimate truth lies,
Is beyond me...


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