We have so many lovely Poetic ipeace members who's words of Wisdom are written in poem form.
Like our dear friend Hussain Jack M. ,RJK, joni,and more..Wise and wonderful words,emotions conveyed in poem,rhyming,lyrical form.
So, I start this discussion for them, or anyone here wishes to. I sometimes write in lyrical,rhyming,poetic form. I'm not a poet,but have my moments of inspiration,since childhood.

copied from comment by joni...


a poem is a deep expression of soul...pain joy or sorrow the beauty it

emotions released explode into being...the feeling we get is o so freeing :)

spontaneous poem by me inspired by leah

written by joni

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:D Cozmic Hugz & Love your way Sista twiitwii Robby J..:)) XXX

We be Flutter byes butterflies...stoppin bye .. in mid flight.. touchin souls..flutterin bye
Butterfly kisses back to U..thanks for coming by..eye came bye too ..:))
Friends Are

Friends are the colour in our world
The sails upon the yacht unfurled
They catch the many winds of change
Bringing us sunshine and some rain

Friends take us in when we are cold
Tell us of their lives good and bold
Won't desert us when we're poor or bad
Listen to our tales whether happy or sad

Friends make the days pass with such ease
Give us laughs whenever they tickle or tease
Play us music that they find is very cool
Stay with us from days we all spent at school

Friends are the reason that we have such joy
Be they girl or be they boy
We take their hugs and give them right back
And often drop in to share a drink and snack

We meet up in cyber space much more these days
Reading profiles and blogs is the modern craze
And friends can now be so near or far
On the web it doesn't matter where they are

August 18th 2008

this was written by Dave aka Rhumour
, I loved it so much & felt it conveyed so much feelings,as I do.. of friendships, that I copied and posted it here.
Thank you so much for sharing with your friends Dave (in the email message)

It is sad and confusing that when members leave the site ALL their comments/posts are gone too..so I look  around at discussions like this one and it reads as if I am talking/writing to myself,lol..since Wendy,joni and when Robby (RJK) left,my replies to them read very strange & silly too..Even if a member returns to iPeace, still all their comments from leaving are just gone..:(


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