To all my dear friends,
Please forgive if you think that I am doing something, but allow me to weep loudly as again I am feeling great pain in my heart. I never wept loudly in my whole life, but when I have wept once in my life. When the people came to take the body of my dear brother Dr. Pervez Khan for burial I have lost control on myself and started weeping loudly as that was the time when my mother, my sisters and my wife Fatima were weeping loudly. I still remember the day and I think I will forget that moment.
But today the cries of innocent people mostly women and children have been forcing me to weep loudly. I have been weeping here because I know you will not mind my weeping. In this way at least I shall get some consolling from you. My pain has been increasing with each passing day. Now I am feeling the pain of Fatima. Though Fatima has been keeping her weeping secret from me, but I know she has been weeping daily. Now she is feeling irritation in her eyes. She is feeling pain in heart and irritation in eyes.
I have been trying to play a role for stopping the madness, but I have failed in my bid. Therefore, now I have left with no other option except weeping. God the Great will be seeing the weeping of innocent people mostly women and children. I have the belief that something better will happen. I have the belief that saner elements will prevail and will stop those people, who have been trying to make this world a hell.
Let us join hands together for making this world as heaven where no one will need to weep. Let us work for a world where everyone will be provided some relief and peace. Let us pray collectively for a better world. But please forgive me as weeping for a man is not a good thing, but I am weeping just to get sympathies of you. I want to make your good wishes and sympathies my power. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.

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Dear Muhammad,

From the depth of my heart I wish the end of people's agony and suffering. I'll pray for you, Fatima and all the other innocent people there and also worldwide.

Have faith in God and do continue your good work. I know its easier said than done. But this is what you can do. Things which are beyond our control, we can pray for things to come to normalcy. Meanwhile we are here for collective prayers and healing, in our effort to wipe away the tears and bring smiles on faces soon.



Make me an instrument of your peace.

Water for those who thirst,
Relief for those in pain,
A voice to those who are silent.

Help me bring your peace to all the members of your family, whom I love above all things.

Forgive your human daughters and sons and help them to see the way of peace and non-violence.

Infuse me with the desire to spread peace to all your family, and let us live together without exploitation or bloodshed

For these things I pray and seek your blessings.

Tathastu and Amen !!
My dear friend Kumud Singh,
Thank you very much for your good wishes and prayers. Today I was really in pain. I have started this discussion with the hope that I will get sympathies of the people. I think I am successful in my bid as you have given a prompt response. Your prayers will certainly be heard by Creator of this world. When I was writing this post my eyes were full of tears as I was really feeling the pain in my heart. The continued violence in and around my hometown Bajaur Agency has been affecting me emotionally. I was weeping because I was feeling the pain. I have been hearing the cries of innocent people mostly women and children, who have been running for their lives. I am helpless against the evil forces. But together we can stop this madness. Why the innocent people are being killed? Why this world has been converted into hell. I think we all are the owners of this world as this world has been created by God the Great for all of us. But I am helpless, therefore, I am weeping. You may guide us to peace and prosperity. I shall be praying for your peace and happiness. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.
Dear Muhammad,
my brother. Thank you for your very good wishes for my marriage. And thank you for calling me your sister and my husband your brother-in-law.

I don't think weeping is ever wasted. I strongly believe that acknowledging how we feel is the first step to healing the world. If we don't feel the pain, then how will the Creator know there is any pain to be healed?

And perhaps part of the trouble is that men sometimes think that only women should cry. But if we can all weep then actually there is more hope. Especially when the weeping is like that of a child who cries and gets the attention of his or her parents. Who trusts that the parents will come. So it's quite possible to weep and have faith and hope all at the same time. That's what I believe anyway.

And thank you so much also for trusting us enough that you feel able to come here and share, and for enabling us to feel like we are doing something to help - even though very little.

Love & peace to sister Fatima, yourself, your children and everyone in your beautiful country.
Dear Muhammad,
I admire you for telling us that you are weeping because of seeing so much suffering. Our hearts go out to you and all those suffering. As long as needed.
Love to you, Fatima and the children.


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