It can be a tough ride when you make the courageous choice to listen to you heart.
Full of ups and downs.

One such woman who chose to do this is Jo Berry. Jo’s father was killed by an IRA bomb in Brighton, nearly 25 years ago in 1984.

Jo has been meeting regularly with Pat Magee, her father’s killer, since he was released from prison in 1999. It began as a personal journey for Jo, as part of her healing process. But she and Pat soon realised that it could represent a lot more than their own inner journeys.

Encouraged by others, their story was soon made into a documentary for British television.

As with almost anything, not everyone sees their reconciliation in a positive light, so it’s been even more of a journey.

Jo & Pat's journey has certainly inspired a great deal of positive work throughout the world, as well as Jo’s own organisation, Building Bridges for Peace’.

Jo has become a very close and dear friend to me. I was recently blessed in being able to spend 4 and a half hours with her. A very special time of sharing.
Some of our meeting is now on film to share with you all. Hopefully, the editing will be completed before I go to Uganda, and the film will soon be ready for you.

Excitingly, Jo and Patrick are featured in a new film to promote peaceSoldiers of Peace,
also featuring Sir Bob Geldof and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and narrated by Michael Douglas.

Jo & Pat's work is also featured in a recent book by Michael Henderson, 'No Enemy to Conquer - Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World'.

I’d like to finish, for now, by sharing Jo’s poem, which she wrote near the start of her journey,
reproduced here for you all with Jo’s kind permission….

Bridges Can Be Built

Fires rage in my heart
the heat heals the pain
bridges can be built

as a human being
I listen to your suffering
you offer me your story
the pain of the war
I learn
bridges can be built

you are my enemy I was told
be a good girl
speak only our words
and then I met you
bridges can be built

truth is more important
I will speak out for the healing of the world
take courage
take spirit
the game of the tribe is not for me
bridges can be built

the clothes of prejudice now stripped away
as I open to you
leaving my bare soul
that can love you all
bridges can be built

with the eyes of knowing
I move from us and them
our differences disappear
the unity of humanity remains
bridges can be built

your sons could be mine
and I could be your brother
planting the bomb that killed the little boy
bridges can be built

and now I stand alone with you who killed my Dad
there is a place inside me that knows you acted your truth
challenging injustice and oppression
my Dad was in the way
bridges can be built

I miss my Dad
and cry for the grandad my girls cannot know
tears of grief for all who suffer
we are one in our loss in our pain
bridges can be built

sometimes I feel that my heart heals as Ireland heals
I am sorry for the suffering imposed by my tribe
I acknowledge your struggle
bridges can be built

my heart burns for peace, justice and equality for all
the passion of knowing that
bridges can be built

Jo Berry

Copyright © 2007-2009 Building Bridges for Peace

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I think the biggest mistake of mankind is the eye for an eye, revenge only brings more hatred BITTERNESS, so many children have lost the best of their lives because they were encouraged to hate the enemy "Building Bridges for Peace." God will give you the courage to go forward, insane war, I think that invests much in the wars, but after the war? Those who lost everything, even the dignity? God does not want so much hatred revenge (I'm sorry my English, I'm brazilian ..) jo has my support and my love, wish you the happiness of present and future without the past ... A new day
Clicia Pavan
Living to be a rebirth every dawn
Because life is so fleeting and transient as the wind
You should make the most of now
Because life does not give us much time

All born with a single destination
Born to be happy, making friends and living dreams
We were born to fulfill our destiny, as the nature
born to love, we are all brothers, we are all human
Clicia Pavan
'To err is human, to forgive- divine.' Jo's life is an example. She possesses a beautiful mind and heart. Her principle of forgiveness is one of the important pre-requisites of building bridges for peace, justice and equality.
Thank you so very much Clicia and Kumud.

I'll pass your messages on to Jo - I know she always welcomes any words of support!

Please excuse me for not writing again for another 3 weeks but I'll be in Uganda filming women there.



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