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WFAC members will know Christine and Andrew as part of the heartbeat that helps to keep WFAC alive.
They have openly shared with the community their plans to marry and begin this new and wondrous new stage of their life together. On Saturday 16th May 2009, in the heart of the English countryside and in the company of friends, family and WFAC community members from across the globe, Christine Crowstaff and Andrew Sampson were pronounced husband and wife!

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of tradition and personally significant words and music. Those of us who were blessed to be able to attend will always now picture in our minds the love-filled sight of Christine and Andrew leading the procession from the church to the echoing words of ‘We are One’. Perhaps those of you who wish to share in a moment of prayer or blessing for them, might choose to close your eyes and send them thoughts. And having done so… perhaps you will be moved to share your wishes for the newly-weds below, so that we can continue to shower them with blessings like it was confetti!

The weekend was extremely special for other reasons too. It was the catalyst for WFAC members from around the world to come together and meet in the ‘non-virtual’ world for the very first time. Founder members Christine Sampson (née Crowstaff!) and Jane Young not only finally in each others company but at one point seen to be dancing joyfully while the musicians played ‘Green Sleeves’. Another glorious sight that will always remain with those who witnessed it!

Trustees Christine Crowstaff, Jane Young and Eveline Smith were seen embraced together in mind, spirit… and body!!!

Cres O’Neal, another remarkable community member had travelled to the occasion from Maryland USA, and shared the gift of song at the reception. Delivering John Lennon’s ‘Grow Old With Me’ in a soulful, jazz voice that would have made Lennon himself weep! (The rest of us were wiping a tear away too!) But the mood was then quickly lifted to a most glorious high when our very own Joyaa led the women (and the men!) present in a joyful chorus of ‘Woman Spirit’ that well and truely raised the roof!

One name however that cannot go without mention… is Uche. Who’s attendance at the wedding was thwarted by the lunacy of bureaucracy, and she was consequently unable to make the journey. Uche… you were missed but know that we all represented you with our hearts, until the time that you too can be held in our physical embrace! (And Tracy Stallard owes you a dinner… she ate yours!)

So many wonderful moments shared over the weekend. Memories, words and pictures that will no doubt trickle out to be shared in this space by those who were there… until the torrent that will certainly arrive with the return of Mr & Mrs Sampson from their ‘WFAC-tinted’ honeymoon in Israel and Jordan in a few weeks time!

And finally… thanks must be extended to a wonderful woman named Shannon, who was present throughout the event and the preceding days as our ‘fly-on-the-wall’ filmmaker! Shannon captured members meeting for the first time and later sharing a meal as well as their hopes for the future of WFAC. These will feature in the forthcoming WFAC film and everyone will be able to catch a little more of our experience there!

WFAC Community Supporters who gathered together for the wedding were:

Jane Young (Co-founder. Spain)
Eveline Maria Smith (Trustee. USA)
Joan Douma (USA)
Cres O’Neal (USA)
Anna Campbell (USA)
Tracy Stallard (South Africa/UK)
Vanda Waters (UK)
Joyaa (UK)
Fiona Gaffa (UK)
Judy Epstein (UK)
Okafor Ujunwa Uchechukwu (With us in spirit from Nigeria!)

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Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for posting this for us Jane. Makes me feel like I was there.

Watched the video and it's a nice and warm feeling seeing you all together, hugging, laughing and dancing. Chris, as expected, made a lovely bride. A lovely couple. Ylyn looks such a pretty little lady.

Wishing the lovely couple a very bright and loving future. God Bless.

Love and hugs,
Happy happy new life!


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