Women are always kind hearted. This is my experience. Therefore, today I am sharing my pain with you. Though my wife and my children are living in a very difficult situation, but today the terrorists have struck my heart. They have carried out a suicide attack killing several people. The situation is very serious. Therefore, I am asking you to please add your voice in my prayers for peace. The whole humanity is in great pain. Just say a few words in favour of peace. Now I am sharing the story of suicide attack with you.
Twenty people were killed including 18 security personnel and scores others injured in a suicide attack at a security check post here on Saturday.

According to sources, the suicide bomber rammed his explosives laden vehicle into the security check post near Doaba Police Station, causing a loud blast which was heard in a wide radius.

DSP Hangu, Fareed Khan confirmed 20 deaths in the deadly attack including 18 security men and two civilians.

The blast occurred exactly at a time when a convoy of security forces was passing from the spot. This resulted in a greater loss of life while 11 vehicles were also destroyed in the attack.

Fifteen persons injured including five police personnel. SHO Doaba Aimal Khan was among the injured.

The bodies and injured have been shifted to CMH Tal and CMH Kohat.

Security forces surrounded the blast site after the attack where no one is being allowed to enter.

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Dear Muhammad,
I'm so sorry not to have responded sooner to this. I was away for a few days and am just catching up.
Thank you so very much for posting these very valuable discussions in our group here, and for your kindness in helping your lovely wife Fatima to also communicate with us. Your support and compassion for your wife, for women, and for all humanity brings tears to my eyes. I can feel your pain and I am grateful for your sharing.
We will, for sure, add to your prayers for peace. I will be very pleased to copy your posting here into our online women's community, where we have a very active healing group who will be certain to send as much love and light as they possibly can.
Thank you so very much for your love, care and compassion.
With love, light & blessings to you and to Fatima and everyone who is suffering,
Dear Fatima and Muhammad,

I am very sorry for you living in a terror area - when I read about you yesterday my loving thoughts went immediatly out to you. I am touched by you Muhammad to help Fatima to be able to communicate with women from all over the world.
I am living in Switzerland, a peaceful region for which I am very grateful. You might have heard of www.kiva.org who gives microloans to the poor and which is very active in Pakistan. It's why I feel very close to the women of your country. Please know that very many people in the west are aware and care about the problems your country and region has. I also feel that by educating women we can change the world for the better. But both - men and women - must be willing to live in peace. I will post at our Healing Space group and be sure you all will be in our hearts.
With love and ammiration to you, Fatima and your lovely children,
Thank you very much my dear friend Antonia for your kind words for me and my wife Fatima. Actually I have been trying to get the attention as at the moment we have been living in the center of war on terrorism. I am hearing the cries of wailing mothers and sisters, who have been losing their dear and near ones in this mad war on terrorism. I am really grateful your kind support. At the moment we have been living in great danger. I have lost the home as it has been destroyed in the fighting. Thousands of people have lost their homes in this mad war. Some 4000 people have been killed in the fighting during last seven months. Now some half a million people are homeless and living in the refugees. We have suffered a lot during the fighting between terrorists and security forces. I have seen with my own eyes the people are crying for help, but no one can provide them the help. I have seen thousands of people mostly women and children running for the life when the Pakistan jet fighters and gunship helicopters started bombing the areas. I along with my wife and children have also runned for my life. It was really a painful day for me. I think it is on August 6, 2008 when Pakistani forces have launched the operation in Bajaur Agency. The civilians were given no warning before the beginning of operation. It was like a doomsday in Bajaur Agency. Everyone was running for his life. Now tears come to my eyes when I am writing this piece. I am sorry.
A lot of thank for your good wishes for me and my wife and my children.
Dearest Fatima and Muhammad

You are in my thoughts. I am so grateful that you have access to a computer and that we are able to connect in this way. The more we are all connected personally and at a heart level the quicker I believe the terrible things that are happening on our planet right now will come to an end.

I cannot conceive of what it must be like for you all right now - I pray that you will all be safe and that love will prevail. Where there is love there cannot be hatred, anger and fighting.

My blessings and love
Dear Mohammed and Fatima,
I am terribly sorry for the so bad situation you are being through. I can feel your pain, I know the horror of suicide terrorism ( am Isareli,. we have experienced this too). I admire you - Mohammed, for helping Fatima joining the women's community, where she be able to express herself.

I wish you all the best , I wish you out of the troubles, I wish you peace.
I send you much love
Thank you very much for your kind words my dear friend Irit Hakim-Keller. May God the Great give you all the happiness. Your prayers are certainly working for me, my wife Fatima and my children. I am really grateful to you. Though at the moment we have been living in a very diffult situation, but I am hopeful of better days. The day will come when there will be peace in the whole world. Again thank you very much


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