I consider this place is one of the places where I come when I feel the pain. Today again I come as I have felt the pain. The continued violence, acts of terrorism and wailing of mothers and sisters have been affecting me both mentally and physically. But the actually the main source of concern for me is the pain of Fatima. Fatima is feeling pain in her heart. Actually the continued violence and cries of innocent people have been affecting her. Fatima is very sensitive woman. She feels everything. I am just asking my friends here to please pray in your heart for Fatima's health. I am still unclear whether Fatima has a heart problem or it is just a normal pain. But I am seeking your prayers and good wishes. I hope you will pray in your heart. Yours prayers always worked for me. Now I am hopeful your prayers will also work for Fatima. I have four children.

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Dear Muhammad,
I was quite a bit worried not hearing from you lately. Please be assured that I send loving thoughts to you and your family every day. But I will concentrate especially on Fatima and I am sure many others will as well.
May you all be protected and guided.
With abundant blessings and love,
I know I don't often write in here Muhammad - I've been away on honeymoon as I just got married.

However, like Antonia, I often think of you and Fatima, and always when we watch news from Pakistan on television.
And I am sending love & prayers to Fatima, and you and your children, and all who are suffering in your beautiful country.

Peace & light
My dearest friend Christine Crowstaff,
A lot of thanks for giving me a good news. I am really happy after hearing that you are on honeymoon. Many many congratulation. I shall be praying for your peace and happiness. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any. Please give my regard and congratulation to your husband, who will be my brother-in-law as from now onward you will be my sister. Today I am happy as one of my sisters is happy. I shall be telling this news to Fatima. Many many congratulation from her side as well. A lot of thanks.
My dear friend Antonia,
A lot of thanks for your kindness and love. Actually today I was really feeling the pain when I was writing this post. Thank you very much for feeling the pain of Fatima. I just want to convey the pain of Fatima and I think I am successful in my bid to convey the pain of Fatima to you. Again thank you very much. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any. Just pray in your heart for the health of Fatima.
My dear friend Muhammad Khurshid,
today I asked to a very good prayer group I know, please, to pray for Fatima. I'm shure the prayers may go tho her heart like honey. But all we have to pray every day for peace in all the world, calling Divine Light in all the human mean, Divine Love in all human hearts and the God Will in all the human goodwill.
Light, love and goodwill for you, your sweet wife, your family, your tribal people
Thank you very much my dearest friend Luisella Valeri for your kindness and love. I am hundred percent sure that God the Great always responds to your prayers as you have kind heart. Please accept my thanks and gratitude. At the moment I can just give you a few drops of tears in gratitude. I just want to solute you, your friends and your relatives. Actually in the morning I was in great pain, therefore, I came here for sharing it with you. I think I am successful in my bid as you have responded promptly. Thank you very much. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter. This will be my prayers for you and your friends in the remaining part of my life.
My Dear Muhammad,
Please know that Fatima and the children as well as yourself are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Please tell Fatima not to give up hope as there will be Peace, I feel sure. You will be able to go home and your children will be able to to go to school and live in Peace. I feel it in my heart.
Fatima's heart pain may be the result of anxiety due to the situation. I pray that it is nothing more serious that that.
i wish I could do more for you than sending prayers even though I know that it is important. i just want to reach out and gather you all up to safety.

Blessings to you,
Thank you very much my dear friend Susan Shewan for your kindness and love. If I am alive this is just because of your prayers. Your good wishes and prayers have always worked for me. They will also certainly work for Fatima. Thank you very much. You are right the continued violence is actually affecting Fatima's health. I shall be praying for your happiness and peace. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any. Again thank you very much for your kindness. I am optimist and believe that the things will be okay in the near future. Thank you very much. Please accept thank and regard from Fatima and my children.


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