I think that was some six years ago when I have felt that there is something wrong going in the world particularly in my hometown Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. I have been trying since then to include women in my campaign for peace. Women in Bajaur Agency have everywhere welcomed me, but the men always gave deaf ears to my voice for peace. After working in Bajaur Agency for a year or two I have come to the internet for finding connections of sincere people. Here also my main focus remained the women as I have still the belief that women can bring the change in this world. The women can play an effective for role for bringing peace to the whole world. Today I have been sharing the cries of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, who have been losing their dear and near ones in this mad war on terrorism. I have been hearing the cries of women. I do not know why, but always women remained victims of war and violence. At the moment the main victims are the women. I want to convey a message of mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, who are in great pain. I do not know at the moment what the role you can play, but I have been sharing the pain of millions of women.
As mothers the women can tell their sons to live in this world with peace. I have always heard good words from my mother. She is not in this world anymore, but I still remember she always prohibited from harming the other people. God the Great has also given special status to women. He brought paradise under the feet of mothers. Women can play a big role in bringing an effective change in this world.

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Thank you very much for your inspiring and encouraging words, Muhammad, and for expressing your trust in women.

Blessings, love and light to you and to Fatima, always
Dearest Muhammad

Thank you for your beautiful words.

Sunday, May 10th is Mothers' Day in many countries around the globe. There is a group of women, which is growing, who call themselves 'Standing Women'. I felt inspired to share the links and the story here with you. Maybe, even a few women standing for peace in Bajaur Agency would make some difference.

and the link for this year's event

My thoughts are with you all
Love, hugs and blessings
Jane :)
Thank you very much for your kind comments my dear friends. Actually I have learnt from women. First my mother has tought me how to live in this world. She guided me how to walk in this world. Now she is no more in this world, but I still remember her beautiful and kind face. Later my wife has become my teacher. I have learnt a lot from my wife Fatima. I want to inform you that I have never attended regular school, college or university. I have learnt from my mother and my wife. Though my mother cannot speak or write English, but she always urged me to learn this language as she was aware of the importance of this language. I have learnt English from my beloved brother Dr Pervez Khan, who is also no more in this world as he has been murdered by terrorists some ten years ago. Actually my mother has spent her last days in great pain as she has great love with Dr Pervez, who was her elder son.
Then I have always guided by my wife. She is also very clever woman and knows how to live in this world with honour. Yesterday she remained ill as the continued tension and fear have also been affecting her health. I have great respect for women because they deserve the respect.
A lot of thanks
The name of my mother is Bibi Noor.
Dear Muhammad,
Than you for sharing your some of your thoughts of your good mother. It sounds like she was an amazing woman who imparted wonderful, excellent values in her children, I honour your mother, Bibi Noor and give thanks that she was there to guide you and inspire you to promote peace around the world. Please give my best wishes to your wonderful wife, Fatima and your children. The stress you are all under must be dreadful and I pray that the violence will stop and peace will come.



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