Hello all you wonderful members of the Women for a Change group here.
I notice we've had a couple of writers join us recently... and may be others of you are too!
I just thought I'd put out a message to say that Women for a Change is currently looking for volunteers to contribute articles for the first edition of our online magazine - a global magazine for the 'conscious' woman.. a voice for women everywhere, covering the issues women face all over the world.
If you might be interested in helping, and would like to know more, i'd love to hear from you at
Or leave a message below.
Blessings to all,
Chris :)

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Yes,of course, I'd love to contribute and write. Just let me know how I can help or what you'd like me to write about! I wrote an article for, Kung Fu magazine,...But don't even have a copy.lol! And was published, inside an edition of a poetry book called, The American Poets Society(my poem is called conciessness!)..Ironically enough, given the name of this online magazine. Don't have a copy of that one either..lol... If I make it in another, I'll definatley get a copy!lol
Take care
Hi Steph,
thanks so much for this lovely encouraging reply!
What a shame you haven't got a copy of your poem 'consciousness' which was in the American Poets Society!
The online magazine will actually be called 'Women Talk' but the bi-line is 'The magazine for the Conscious Woman'.
Currently we are asking for suggestions for subjects which the magazine might cover. I'll happily put you in touch with our coordinator - she's away for another week. Meanwhile, i'm making contact with those who've offered to help to edit, in order to find a 'Chief Editor' (or whatever word would be the feminine equivalent).
I'll also send you an invite to our community so you can get a feel for the readership and contributers.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
Chris xoxoxoxoxox
Sounds great! I could also help a little with editing. It was my strong point in highschool.lolI took college courses for it in school then majored in it . But I cannot promise how much I'll actually remember.lol! It's a pleasure to work w/you on this and prob have tons of interesting topics you could use.lol.KITxoxoxoxo
If you could help with editing too, that would be amazing!
I'm sure you'd come up with tons of interesting topics.
I've no idea really how much time it would all take. We've had quite a good response from potential contributers but, as I say, we need a Chief editor to lead the team, and choose articles etc. Or at least someone to sort out how the first issue needs to be / what content's needed. My partner has experience in publishing and can do the layout / design etc. We do have a small editing team who may be i could introduce you too, and you could see if you feel you could fit in.
I'm sure it'd be real fun to work with you on this, whatever role you take in it - according to your time, what you find you enjoy doing etc (it's crucial everyone really enjoys anything they volunteer for of course!).
Look forward to corresponding with you more about this.
xoxoxoxox C
I'd love to help the editing team(to the best of my abilities)lol,and look forward to writing. I love writing on all things spiritual inward awakening,finding peace in your life,being in tune with your conciousness making the world a more peaceful place, OMG,..I could go on and on!,KIT!
I forgot to mention, my schedule is pretty flexible.
Thanks so very much Stephanie!
I can feel your enthusiasm from here!

Did you get an invite i sent you (or tried to send you) to the Women for a Change Community?
Never quite sure if they've worked as ning does strange things with the ticks in the friends' boxes sometimes!
Still feel it'd be great if you could come in there and get more of a feel for us (though you do seem to have that already!) and i can introduce you to the other trustees.
It'd be an easier way to work I feel.
If you'd like to email me your email address i can send you another invite. Mine is chris.crowstaff@womenforachange.org
Your energy is contageous!
Probably the enthusiasm comes from the fact, that this IS my true passion. I would greatfully and honorably, accept the the duties of editor Cheifess! lol!!!Maybe Debs needs to throw in some suggestions,I think she would know much more the proper indian terms for a feminine editorial title!! Come on Debs!!,..Give us some input!!
Hi Debra,
I do so hope you get some help with this.
If you do and if you want to share your poem, I do hope you'll share it here in the Women for a Change group.
I will most definitely help you. It would be my pleasure...My e-mail is stephanieletu@yahoo.com,...I could edit and send it back when your done!
many xoxoxoxoxo's to you Deb
How about"Cheifess Editor..lol!), I like it.,, or High Cheifess Editor..lol,..Thats a hard one to come up with..lol!?????editorincess!!
also, I finally figured out how to join the other women's group(you mentioned)..I never claimed to be computer literate..lol!


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