Hello all you wonderful members of the Women for a Change group here.
I notice we've had a couple of writers join us recently... and may be others of you are too!
I just thought I'd put out a message to say that Women for a Change is currently looking for volunteers to contribute articles for the first edition of our online magazine - a global magazine for the 'conscious' woman.. a voice for women everywhere, covering the issues women face all over the world.
If you might be interested in helping, and would like to know more, i'd love to hear from you at
Or leave a message below.
Blessings to all,
Chris :)

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Seeking and searching

Discovering and learning

Fulfilling a yearning

Bringing true meaning

Inner being

Heart of healing

Inspirational feeling

Consciousness sweeping

Universal deepening

Truth revealing travels free

Beauty of living for you and me

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008
Photo taken by Chris Bruntlett

Stay True

Stay true to soul
Honor your own word
Be honest with yourself
Trust your own judgments
Share feelings with loved ones
Deepen relationships
Open up communication
Demonstrate affection
Build confidence and self esteem
Work together as a team
Embrace inner child
That never grew up
Remember those who have passed on
The children who have left home
To start on their new journey
Finding new purpose in life
Creates an introspective destination
Exploring all avenues sharing soul
Stay true to you

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008
Photo by Melissa Bruntlett for Stay True

Happiness Deserved

Happiness deserved
Love affair emerges
With oneself enjoying it
Guilty pleasures indulged
Positive emotions
Fullness of life blossoming hearts
Petels of joy relishing the moments
Feels good in expressing thoughts
Optimism reflected inspires desire
Along the road into the future
Visualizing personal goals
Intuitive minds realizing dreams
Guiding you channeled by spirit.

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008
Photo by DK.Rising
Hello Shelley
thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful poetry here.
Very moving and a wonderful way to start the weekend.
And such lovely pictures too.
Thanks so much.
You'd also be very welcome to share them in our women's community if you get a chance to look in,
at www.womenforachangecommunity.ning.com
wishing you a lovely weekend

Nurturing of Spirit

Let me rest my weary head upon your breast

Hold me in warmth from your heart of your fireplace

Enveloping me like the womb of your being

Comfort me in my need of longing for your attention

Mothering the maternal and nurturing new life

Planting the seeds in the garden of wonder

Shelly Wiseberg, 2008
Photo by DK Rising
And thanks again Shelley,
so lovely to see all this beauty appearing here.
What a wonderful atmosphere you're helping to create.
Love and joy to you,
Aging Gracefully

The lines in your face tell the story of your history

The aging of your body of the struggles you endured

The eyes seeing plenty but dulling over the years

Everything changes in time from the outer shell to your mind

Hold onto it as long as you can the mourning of youth is said and done

Age is only a state of mind so think forever young

Shelly Wiseberg, 2007
From Prose and Cons

Mellowing of age
a very good wine
fruity and sweet
lingering in taste.

Vintage of age
better in time
going down smooth
relax and enjoy
maturity of youth.

Slow in motion
quick in the mind
wide awake in thought
perceptive and aware
still very strong.

Mellowing of age
a very good wine
ripened grapes
off the vine
fruity and sweet
drink it slow and steady
enjoying every moment
maturity of youth
still lives on.

Shelly Wiseberg, 2007
Prose and Cons
You can use any of my poems for the magazine if you want, Shelly
Thank you so very much Shelley.
This is very generous of you and much appreciated.
I will of course let you know as and when they are used.
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.
Abundant blessings


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