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"It’s a simple idea really. There are over a billion women living in extreme poverty and there are millions of women on the internet. By connecting women who care with women in need, we can transform the
world together."


This is where women from all over the world come to inspire and share together, focusing on developing positive solutions to women’s issues. Where we work together to further the WFAC vision.

“A balanced world where women are empowered, and where all women are treated equally, positively, and with respect.”


  • Women for a Change is about changing world values through transcending cultural, social, religious, political & economic barriers.
  • It’s about new ways of working - sharing knowledge, experience and skills.
  • It’s about new ways of finding solutions – in an inspiring, uplifting space.

The first stage is to connect, so that together we can support and empower.


  • You might like to start by joining some of our social groups and getting to know the women here.
  • As soon as you feel inspired, there are many projects you can become involved in.

Women for a Change is about Love in Action.

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Inspiring Women: Facing tragedy, Creating peace

Started by Christine Crowstaff Jul 28, 2009. 0 Replies

Jo Berry - Facing Differences - Bomber & Victim working together for peace

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I just want to weep loudly

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Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on October 1, 2009 at 11:20am
Salaam to all my friends. I hope you all will be alright and enjoying the life. Actually nowadays I am again in trouble as Fatima is feeling pain in the chest. I think she has some heart problem. My children are very disturbed. I am also disturbed. Please pray for the health of Fatima. Actually the continued violence, frustration and depression have ruined Fatima's health. Please pray for her health.
I shall be praying for your peace and happiness.
Many many loves, thanks and blessins
Comment by Sabrina Mata on September 10, 2009 at 10:26pm
When I born,
I didn't expect to be a woman
I was a human.
Developing my self
I discover how sensitive
and intuitive my gender
it is and by this point
I started to work,
to help and care about others
with my abilities and my heart.
Life is great
and be a woman is amazing.
I hope the differences change to be
a complement and the world
turn to one love.
Comment by Clicia Pavan on September 1, 2009 at 5:17pm

International Day Of Peace September 21, 2009
There is no way to peace, peace is the way
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God-Matthew 5:9.
Prince of Peace"Jesus is the messenger of peace
Peace is not absence of conflict but the ability to resolve conflicts without hate
Jesus said: "I leave you peace, my peace I give you.

Día Internacional de la Paz 21 de septiembre 2009
No hay camino hacia la paz, la paz es el camino
Bienaventurados los pacificadores, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios-Mateo 5:9.
Príncipe de Paz "Jesús es el mensajero de la paz
La paz no es ausencia de conflicto sino la capacidad de resolver los conflictos sin odio
Jesús dijo: "La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy."

Comment by Antonia on July 30, 2009 at 6:51pm
Carissima Luisella,

As Janey says I will- like her - be with you in spirit from 18 - 19 on wednesdays.
You have my ammiration for doing this. Thanks for posting the pictures which makes it easy to feel connected.
P.S. Maybe there is a nice Italian dinner after the Hour of Silence............ ;-))
Comment by Jane Young on July 30, 2009 at 5:25pm
Dearest Luisella

Thank you for drawing our attention to this - I intend to copy it to our News Group in the Women for a Change Community as many of our supporters are not a part of this group and I feel this is an important piece of news.

Please will you keep us updated and I shall be with you in my heart 18 - 19 on Wednesdays.

Love, hugs and abundant blessings
Jane :)
Comment by luisella valeri on July 30, 2009 at 4:46pm
Italy, Genoa,In the square by 374 weeks ....

We are a group of men and women, belonging to or not to political groups
and pacifist organizations, 374 weeks that manifested on every Wednesday
steps of the Ducal Palace of Genoa (Italy).

In September 2001, when there was the attack on twin towers, and the U.S.
attacked Afghanistan under the pretext of hunting Bin Laden, tried a way
to express our dismay and our indignation.

We decided to take the 'quiet time', a modes of expression already
implemented several times in history: for example supported by
U.S. Suffragette and Black Women in Jerusalem.

The Ducal Palace, before which we then meet every Wednesday from 18 to 19,
is a place of particular significance, not only for our city. There held the
G8,at 2001 year, the assembly by the eight pre-powerful arrogate the right to decide the
fate of the planet, and which together with thousands of other / and we
helped to challenge.

When we started we thought no doubt that we would be left / and the streets
for eight years.

But certainly we could not stop our protest when Italy was directly involved
in military operations in Afghanistan when the U.S. attacked even Iraq (this
time under the guise of research of "weapons of mass destruction"), when
Italy also, and most faithful obedient U.S. ally, has agreed to be also involved
in that war.

We expressed our indignation at the false "peace missions" in which
the Italian army was involved, starting with the one in Lebanon,
where, to separate two contenders, was only an international force on
the territory of the attacked, and we have solidarity the nonviolent
struggle of the Burmese people, and we have continued to seek truth and
justice in the processes associated with the G8, we have declared all of
"subversive" when heavy accusation has been addressed by the judiciary to
those who protested against one of the G8 preparatory meetings in March 2000
in Naples.

Conscious of our limited resources, we have distributed to passersby
in these eight years well 142.200 flyers and spoke with everyone every
time we have had the opportunity

Neither the local nor the national ones have never shown to realize our
demands. But we believe that the war cannot solve any problems of humanity
but only serve to increase the profits of who builds and sells weapons,
to maintain an "international order" inhumane, to concentrate in few hands
control international economy.

For this reason we continue to see us every Wednesday, from 18 to 19, on
the steps of the ducal palace
- For an international policy of justice and peace, to prevent that 20%
of the inhabitants of the planet is hoarding 80% of resources
- For the conversion into civil war trades.
- For the reduction of military expenditure to the benefit of social.
- Against all wars, and for the withdrawal of Italian troops from all theaters of war.

Palazzo Ducale, front in De Ferrari square

Palazzo Ducale, front in Matteotti square, rebuil in 1777 after fire

Palazzo Ducale, interior about 1500 d.c.
Comment by Clicia Pavan on July 28, 2009 at 3:37pm

Ipeace Come be part of group--- Let's help these brothers who are seeking peace, union makes a difference
I am Muslim! I am Hindu! And I'm Jewish! I am Christian! "Mahatma Gandhi
"There is no path to peace, peace is the way"
The world today has to learn to live with differences --- Respecting the right of the next
Vamos Ipeace ser parte del grupo ---
Vamos a ayudar a estos hermanos que buscan la paz, la unión hace la diferencia
Soy musulmán! Estoy hindúes! Y estoy judío! Soy cristiano! "Mahatma Gandhi
"No hay camino hacia la paz, la paz es el camino"
El mundo de hoy tiene que aprender a vivir con diferencias --- Respetar el derecho de la próxima
Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on July 4, 2009 at 9:37am
Thank you very much my dearest friend Antonia for your kind words. Actually your prayers and good wishes have been working for me as now I have been getting the attention. Fatima is also feeling happiness as now there is a little ease. I am really grateful to you for your kindness and love. I shall repeat my prayers that may God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.
Comment by Antonia on July 4, 2009 at 9:25am
Thank you Muhammad - This is a wonderful message. We will always have you and your people in our hearts as we want peace and freedom for ALL individuals.
With love and abundant blessings,
Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on July 4, 2009 at 8:52am
Today I want to present my solute to all the members of Women for Change as you have been bringing a positive change in my life. Now I am feeling the change. Millions of people mostly women and children will be praying for your peace and happiness as now they have also started feeling the change. This is my belief that women can really bring the change and now you have been bringing the change. I shall be praying for your peace and happiness. May God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any. Now the Voice For Peace has been growing. Thank you very much for your support for those who are vioceless. You have given voice to the millions of innocent people. Just accept my thanks and regard. I shall repeat my prayers that may God the Great give you all the happiness in this life and in the life hereafter if there is any.

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