I have been shown by my dearest teacher and friend, that the peace we all are looking for is looking for us. that If we can just stand still when it approaches, within, and welcome it and embrace it, it will overcome its shynes...so to speak.
All we have ever been looking for is within.
It is a process of unfolding, a discovery, a magical journey.
Most all things we know are"learnt", and though the thirst for peace
is inate, the need for love, happiness, affection , understanding- is built in,
If we need guidance, if we need help to connect with that treasure within,
I say it is available. Not just words in a book. Not mere concepts and
grand ideas. But real practical experience. Our wisdom dwells in our heart,
Infinity is within. The first step is to FEEL that thirst...not cover it with fantasies.
Peace begins with each individual.
Is this a theme anyone would like to discuss?

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