The universal energy of the Divine Masculine has transformed to the Divine Feminine after 1000’s of years of Male domination. It is time that both men and women work towards invoking the Divine Feminine within. For the Divine Feminine to be awaken we need to release the past pain and trauma which is lodged in our cell in our organs.

For woman to empower herself she need to empower her womb, her creative power center, as she has created in the image of the Divine Mother of Creation

Bija sound can help release past memories of trauma and pain in the cells.

Sound can reprogram your DNA.

Sound can empower the womb, thus invoking one’s inner divinity and strength

Come for a 15 days intensive in Malaysia or India

Malaysia Para-Tan healing intensive is from:
August 10th to the 24th 2012

October 21st to November 4th

In India

Friday September 14th to the 28th

Good news for those who cannot come to either intensive can have private sessions with me via skype @ US $54 for half an hour or $324 for 5 hours over 30 days


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