Tantrism has a long and illustrious history in India, Tibet and Nepal. In India, it is popular in Assam, Kashmir and in South India, In South India most temple rituals, though never named as Tantra, but practiced as Sakthism.

Once widely practiced, during the British Raj it got suppressed and almost complete disappearance in India, that is why in many parts of India all Tantric style ritual are practiced but called as Hindu rituals.

Para-Tan like Tantrism is a fascinating spiritual tradition that contains a wealth of insights useful to those who seek to explore the depths of human consciousness. Under appropriate guidance, it can even be potent tool of self-transformation and spiritual realization.

Today, in the west very few students of Tantrism go to the trouble of studying the Tantric literature itself, when there are many reliable translations in many western languages. They also tend to overlook the fact that Tantrism is an initiatory tradition, that is to say, it is based on the time-honored guru-disciple relationship. Para-Tan like Tantrism follows the same tradition.

In the west, we find ads for Tantra Yoga in a variety of publications inviting to attend Tantric celebration in idyllic setting, promising pleasure and fund. Since the 60s the west where Tantrism has become popular and it is precisely the sexual orientation of Tantrism that attracts Western seekers who have tired of the sex-negative attitude prevailing in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Many western seekers think of Tantrism solely in terms of its sexual practice and not a few who actually immerse themselves in Tantric Teachings do so for self-gratification. Tantrism, however, is not about selfish pleasure but about ego-transcending bliss, and not about sex as such but about the transmutation of sexual energy.

Better sex is never a good foundation for a loving relationship, and love is a very effective foundation for transmutation of sexual energy. Many Para-Tan students have experienced the transmutation of sexual energy within a few sessions. Para-Tan alchemy of Lovemaking offers all Western seekers a new art of Lovemaking that which is both gratifying and at the same time creates a foundation for long lasting relationship.

Para-Tan like Tantrism can perhaps be defined as an energetic approach to the spiritual path, using various techniques including mantra, ritual, pranayama, agni, and ritualistic worship of the true seeker.

We have posted articles presenting Para-Tan Sound healing, developed over some years of intuitive experimentation, in an easy to understand form, without too many Hindu terms. This approach blends the principle of Tantra as practiced in India, and the Knowledge reviled to our Master after years of worship Mother Kali.

Over time we will post articles presenting the meditational and mantric side of Tantra, which is the more common side of Tantra practiced in India.

We recommend readers interested in Tantra to start by reading the following books.

Tools for Tantra by Harish Yohari ISBN 9780892810550

Tantric Yoga and the wisdom Goddesses by Dr. David Frawley, ISBN 81-208-1357-X

Also books by Shankarnararayanan , notably The Ten Great Cosmic goddesses

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