Para-Tan Yoni or Womb Healing -
Emotional Healing at the cellular level.
Healing the Past - Opening the Door to a New Beginning.
Do you want to have a healthy Womb
New York
21st to the 24th October 2010
$432 per person.
Limited to 12 participants

Milano Italy
13th to the 15th May 2011
Limited to 12 participants

• Maha Shakti (Devi) is divided into four parts, each corresponding with a great Age or Yuga. Our present age is the Kali Yuga, for which Yoni worship is indicated.
(Schoterman, 1980)

Yoni: Divine qualities and powers of the Universe

• The Yoni or womb is the seat of absolute divine presence and power, Adthi-Para-Shakti (Feuerstein, 1998, p.247

• Within the Living Goddess Tradition, Women are the embodiment of Adthi-Para-Shakti on Earth.

• It may take a sadhu three lifetimes to accomplish on his own the same ends which may be met in one lifetime practicing with a loving partner. When a woman’s Yoni is activated with Para-Tan-Sound-Ritual, the powers of the ten wisdom goddesses reside within and may bring her loving partner to spiritual heights with the only requirement being love, and a true desire to know one’s self on the part of the man. The woman’s job is more difficult. In order to have the awakened divine Shakti within the yoni there must first be a true understanding of the important role women play in creating a nurturing environment for soul development. This requires embodying truly divine qualities, not merely demanding or expecting to be worshipped because of her female reproductive system.

• When women receive a man’s lingam into their Yoni without love, his residual emotions and energies stay in the Yoni for up to seven years, clogging and causing stagnation in the nadis and a loss of the Woman’s-Divine-Yoni-Power.

• It’s not easy to maintain the powers of the universe, yet it is woman’s inherent, natural, sovereign right and power to do so. When a woman is divine, the home is a palace. When the woman is ill equipped, the building is devoid of spirit and feels like a prison.

• True Woman has the capacity to create beautiful, nurturing environments which nurture all those around them. Thus they not only create the universe, they are the center of the universe and as such deserved to be worshipped, revered, and honored.

• True women have the power to change the face of the Earth. The passion to know one’s truly divine nature is the first ingredient necessary to overcome the first obstacle of an engrained and actively reinforced false understanding of power.

Yoni according to ancient scriptures (Vedas, Samayacaratantra, YoniTantra)

• From the Yoni the Universe is created, born, and nurtured and upon death it is to the Yoni we return.

• Within the three corners of the Yoni are Brahma (the Creator/Father), Vishnu (the Preserver/Son), and Shiva (the Destroyer/Holy Ghost).

• Within the Yoni/Womb of Devi/Nature is the origin of the worlds, the Gods and all living beings.

• Yoni Puja is the worship par excellence, and by omitting it every other Puja is rendered worthless.

• Maha Shakti (Devi) is divided into four parts, each corresponding with a great Age or Yuga. Our present age is the Kali Yuga, for which Yoni worship is indicated.
(Schoterman, 1980)

• The Yoni is divided into ten different Shakti Goddesses, associated with the Dasha Mahavidya (Ten Great Knowledge’s or Ten Wisdom Goddesses)

Yoni: Shri Mantra & Yantra/Chakra; Mt. Meru

• If mantra is the soul of the deity, yantra is the deity’s body (Feuerstein, 1998, p. 217).

• Yantras represent the descent of spirit into matter: the manifestation of the universe out of the primordial darkness of the ‘uncreate’. When the Supreme Sakti, of her own will assumes every form in the universe, in that one quivering instant the Chakra comes into being. At the very center of this yantra is the bindu, the dimensionless point. Out of absolute nothingness, shining creation manifests: First a spasm of desire ‘kamakala’ creates a throb ‘spanda’, which vibrates as sound ‘nada’. This primal sound is depicted in the Sri Yantra as the central ‘bindu’. In the first moments of its manifestation the point is called ‘parabindu’ and it contains everything that will, or can, or may be, or have the possibility of being or becoming. ‘Parabindu’ is a point of intensely concentrated energy that contains within itself the potentiality for Shiva and Shakti, but at this point they are still undifferentiated One. (Sinha, 1993, p. 95)

• The Shri Yantra, also called the Shri Chakra is the Yoni of Adthi-Para-Shakti in the form of Shodashi or Maha Tripura Sundari. Vitalizing the Shri Mantra actively invokes and activates the Shri Chakra ‘parabindu’ within one’s being.

• If we return to the Sri Yantra and imagine that the bindu in its center is the peak of a mountain; the mountain is built up in tiers, each tier being one of the circles of triangles or lotus petals, with the outermost square representing ground level; and if we now imagine a vertical spine down the center of the mountain, then at each point that the spine and a tier intersect, there is a chakra. (Sinha, 1993, p. 108) This mountain is Mount Meru, the residence of the gods, and it is within each of us.

• Para-Tan-Sound-Ritual utilizes the Ancient and Sacred Bijas/sounds of the Dasha Mahavidya to bring divine vibrations into life within each recipient and devotee.

• Resonating the Bija Mantras on one’s own will activate the divine energies within, but the most effective worship is between loving partners who worship each other as Shiva (lingam) and Shakti (Yoni).

• The Sound of the Universe in the form of the Shri Mantra, is used to invoke the three dimensional Shri Chakra or Mt. Meru, manifest both in the Yoni and the Lingam. Thus in this Yoni Puja the nadis are cleared and activated for the powers of the Universe to ascend as Kundalini Devi.

• Para-Tan safely prepares the body for Kundalini ascension by first inviting Lord Shiva to descend through the crown center. When he comes down to the base chakra and meets with Maha Kali, together they rise gently and exquisitely to dance in the thousand petalled lotus above one’s head. In this form Kali becomes Shodashi, or Tripura Sundari and as she is united with Shiva in his form of Dakshina Murti (the inner guru), all the divine energy and wisdom of the universe becomes available.

How does Sound Healing affect the Yoni?

• As the divine seat of power for the universe, the Yoni is a receptive vessel which contains the thoughts and emotions we put into it. The unfortunate case in today’s world is that women and men alike have lost the understanding of true power, woman’s power, Yoni (Womb) power. The result is the many and varied reproductive illnesses and diseases prevalent today. When we do not honor the powers of the Yoni, we place toxins into our Holy Grail and it becomes poisoned, dull, lifeless, and at long last, lost. Understanding the divine qualities and powers of the Yoni is the first step women especially must take in order to recognize how our misogynist conditioning has poisoned our thoughts and our emotions so that we have not only forgotten our power, but now actively work against them.

• Para-Tan-Sound-Healing is a powerful practice which may be applied for a range of results, depending upon the passion of the individual.

• Para-Tan-Sound Healing breaks up emotional trauma stored as neuro-peptides in cell receptor sites, and allows for a free flow of energy to rebuild healthy, vital cells and tissue (Pert, 2003).

• According to the passion level of each individual, Para-Tan may simply heal illness and provide health and happiness or it may be used as a powerful and profoundly effective tool for accelerated spiritual growth. This is especially true for couples who are committed to spiritual growth and sharing their loving journey and life together. However it may be used, whether as preventative medicine, maintenance and/or spiritual evolution, Para-Tan is the most powerful and direct method available on Earth to clear and activate one’s ‘nadi’ system.

• Para-Tan-Sound-Healing utilizes the sacred bija mantras of the Dasha Mahavidya, thus activating the qualities of the divine goddesses within. One must recognize that thoughts are directly responsible for the creation of either healthy or unhealthy emotions. Para-Tan can and does break up the cells but the thoughts must be purified by none other than one’s own inner guru. Success will depend upon the passion for knowing one’s true self, and varies with each individual.

• To find, reclaim, and activate one’s Yoni/Holy Grail, first an understanding of the powers of the Goddess must be instilled within the thoughts that may be either seeds of inspiration or discontent. The true powers of the Yoni/ Shakti /Devi/Woman are: Love, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Serving, Creativity, Goodness, Humility, Softness, Honesty, Steadfastness, Inner Strength, and Wisdom.

• One must learn how to deprogram and reprogram their thinking in order to halt and reverse the destructive conditioning causing illness to take up residence within the divine seat of power. Para-Tan-Sound-Healing will break up the cells, but each one of us must take the responsibility to be grateful, appreciate the opportunity and gift we have been given and remedy our thought pattern so we do not recreate stagnation within our nadis, which caused the diseased cells in the first place. It also breaks up energetic blockages and cells which are created and reinforced by environmental pollution, both physical and mental.

Yoni Healing of Residual Trauma/Cellular Memories

• Understanding the Yoni’s important role as divine vessel and seat of power is first in importance for Yoni Healing to be effective. This includes the important conservation of Shakti energy, which demands that women not have sex with men outside of a loving friendship with men they know and with whom there is already a foundational relationship of mutual respect and consideration to build upon.

• Those of us raised in the Western world have the additional work ahead of us, which entails cleaning out our Yoni with the junk accumulated from previous sexual interactions. We must purify our body, mind, and spirit to regain our Sovereign Shakti-Yoni-Power. Only then are we able to step into our important role of creating an environment for soul growth. WE ARE THE ENVIRONMENT!!!

• Para-Tan-Yoni-Healing can be effectively applied as a natural, pleasurable treatment for infertility. Sound-Healing on the Yoni strengthens all the main organs of childbearing: The uterus (womb), fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, all of the connective tissues, and the pelvic basin.

• Yoni Healing is ideal for women who have either been sexually or emotionally abused. We guarantee to help you help yourself heal from past pain. Para-Tan-Yoni-Healing clears the physically manifested emotional traumas which become lodged in your cell receptor sites as memory. When left untreated these frequently manifest in the body as illnesses such as tumors, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorders.

The Yoni and Spiritual Development

• Both men and women benefit from Yoni worship. It is an honoring and active participation in the dance between cosmic complementary polarities.

• Para-Tan activates the nadis which form the energy body of Mt.Meru, the internal universe of our Shri Chakra. Aligning our thoughts with our soul helps maintain their openness, thus the capacity to flow with Shakti.

• When males and females regain their divinity by understanding our respective roles in relating with each other and the universe as men and women, we have the power to change the world together.

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