Transparent thinking makes a man Honest.
Honesty makes Love that teaches us live.
By giving Love and Transparent Intelligence to the next generation is the real spirituality. This is very helpful for make life beautiful.

I can understand English slowly but did not have much writing skill. I feel need to stay with Peace person and Group. So sorry for any mistake.
Love & Light
Martin Dulal

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For one who does not know English well, what you speak you speak more clearly with few words than I can manage to do with many!
I agree with the truth of the meaning to your words, which lead to the truth.
If my heart is clear, and full of love, so to my mind thinks in this same way more easy than if I do not hold onto truth and that is also love.
I see truth in what is said, and to reflect the best of that back, and provide that environment for it to grow.

Much the same, as I do not agree to worship all women, just because they are women.

I respect those of respect, honor those who honor our mother earth.
Said so that I do not point to what I feel may be wrong, but to see the truth in what is said and point to that instead.
So I also do not seek what is not right with your words, but instead seek the truth in what you say,
so your words are less important, than the meaning you wish to express, and by sharing what you have learned,
help us all to learn from the truth of your vision.
And again, for one who is only learning English,
you do very good to say something so very clearly, with but few words!
Good job Martin. The idea came across.
I teach English globally. If you want to send me your messages first, I can check them out for you. Namaste, Nancy


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