Power to the Peaceful Yoga is committed to creating an awakening in fellow yogis to take our practices off the mat and into the world through personal peace, non-violence, world awareness, tolerance and sustainability. Our goal is to make yoga available to as many first time yogis as well as long term practitioners through teaching that is considerate of all levels. All proceeds from Power to the Peaceful Yoga go to the Power to the Peaceful Festival and Organization, an annual event bringing hundreds of thousands of people together under the theme of MUSIC, NON-VIOLENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS AND ACTION. Power to the Peaceful events are now taking place in the United States, South America and Africa.

We are committed to sustainability at all our events, by encouraging GREEN yoga products, making recycling available and partnering with other sustainable businesses. As part of our service to the larger community we will always bring in the best teachers available, provide free yoga to those in need and bring yoga to people and places around the world (prisons, schools, developing nations) who have never had the opportunity to experience its many benefits.

see more and join the group Michael Franti & Spearhead

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Dear Sandra
What a wonderful idea. I have been going to Yoga classes for four years now and just love going. Our teacher, also is accredited to teach yoga to others. I never thought of learning it so I can help others but it is a wonderful idea.
You send me an email earlier this week and asked me to join your group of Micheal Franti and Spearhead but of course at my age I have never heard of him. I listen to classical music or jazz. I was very pleased to receive the invitation and would be more than happy to join the group but as long as I don't have to listen to his music. :)
Warmest regards

Dear Kathryn

Thanks for your coment, I´m glad you´re doing and enjoying yoga classes!!
I´ve been practing for almost 10 years, and I think yoga is not only a phisical exercise, but is a lifestile.
Michael Franti and many others can poove this also using yoga, art, music and sports to help needy people.

Please, if you want to listen Michael Franti´s song you can watch his videos on Michael Franti & Spearhead- Power to the Peaceful Group. I´m sure you´ll love them!

Namaste, and a big hug"asana"


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