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Eckart: LOL at your translation!


NDW: Neil Donald Walsch - one of my favourite metaphysical authors!


Aahhhhhh, of course I should have known, I read most of his books, but only his channeled ones.

Eckart: I have nine in English & the same one in German & in English.

"Home With God & Happier Than God"

have been of enormous help dealing with my mother's recent death.

I find all of his books incredible!

In my opinion "Gemeinschaft mit Gott" is the best one.


I lost my mother 7 years ago I know a little how you feel :-). Don´t take it too serious after the big change we will see them again and a lot more :-)))))))))))))

"Communion With God" is one I don't have.

I tried a few bookshops in South African but the choice was very small;

guess I'll have to order it online.


My mother's passing saddened me for a short while, but was able to work through it quickly. It's a relief that she no longer has to suffer.

HELLO :-)))))


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