We are from the Federation of Light. We are a large group who have been put in place to assist your earth in its troubled times. We have many on board. We are working continually to bring your world into its new vibration.

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In 2006 I had an experience that open my mind to the existence of a world that is unlimited, a world where alchemy exists, I was guided by my soul to beings not of this planet that are assisting us with the next phase of our evolution, the expansion of consciousness, as we move towards 2012 in preparation for this huge shift we seem to be purifying our intentions, healing our multidimensional selves, fully integrating the soul, becoming aware of our connection to each other on this planet and off, becoming aware of our connection to all things, knowing the oneness that we are yet maintaining this hard earned individuality, parenting the small self, becoming the Masters that we are, remembering! I give thanks to The Federation of Light for their mentoring and to Blossom Goodchild for being of such pure intent as to be able to channel such Divine wisdom, Blossom’s guide White Cloud contacted me and I have made it my mission to get these words of love out there. 2010 is the year of manifestation and it is my intention to cocreate a world we can be proud of. Love,light and gratitude Kerrie


We are from the Federation of Light. We are a large group who have been put in place to assist your earth in its troubled times. We have many on board. We are working continually to bring your world into its new vibration. We consist of groups within groups. We are a large band.And can I ask where is White Cloud within all of this?Your guide that you know as White Cloud is part of our Federation. He is one of our most diligent partners. His work shall be spread over many lands through you. There shall be a time when his True identity shall be revealed. But it is not appropriate at this juncture. We have many sections within this Federation. We are always in constant negotiation with others that circle your planet in order to bring about your new world. Our task is of the greatest yet put into play. We are heartened by those such as yourself who have taken on their duties with such determination, even when sometimes the odds seem against you. As our earth draws itself from its darkness, you shall witness phenomena that will dazzle your eyes. For those of you who have continued on in faith, you shall KNOW that it has all been worthwhile. Any doubts shall be removed from your being. For there shall be no place for doubts. All will be revealed in a way that is of great understanding

May I write Blossom even though you are tired?Of course. As always a pleasure.In the days that lie ahead for you, you will experiencecircumstances that will appear to be what they are not.I tell you of this so that you may wisely consider in which direction to make your moves. All I need to say is as always to listen to your heart and as always it shall guide you.Will I know that of which you speak? Your vibrational energy shall make it perfectly clearto you. It is not foreboding. You shall know it and you shall be aware and you shall laugh it off your shoulders. That is all I desire to say as I do not wish to sap your energy further. Do not be concerned. I have not come to tell you this to make you concerned. Just to let you know I am always by your side. It is of good news that I bring and I am happy to tell you that in the very near future you shall have news that will make your heart know that all that you are doing for me has been worth your while. Hey my friend. Just learning from you has made it allworthwhile. No worries at all. I LOVE YOU MY BLOSSOM. I AM VERY PROUD OF YOUR ADVANCING AND RELEASING.Adieu my confidante. Adieu Goodnight to you my friend.

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… and it is for those warriors to take their command and lead those who are afraid and lost BOLDLY into THE NEW WORLD … and dearest souls of earth, we shall proudly be by your side.

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