Worshiping the Living Goddess –WOMEN TO RESTORE PEACE


Worshiping the Living Goddess –WOMEN TO RESTORE PEACE

For peace to prevail, women must be worshiped as a Goddess, as she too is part of the Great Mother Goddess, thus making her worthy of being worshiped. When society was based around a Goddess Religion, women were worshiped as Goddesses.

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Worshiping the Living Goddess –WOMEN TO RESTORE PEACE

Two thousand years of male dominated religion is enough. It is time that all
women reclaim their rightful place in society, by embracing the Living Goddess

I have often heard a happy and satisfied mother-in-law refer to her son's wife
as the 'coming of Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) incarnate' into her home. This
should echo in every home around the world, for all women the embodiment of
Mother Lakshmi.

A house will only become a home when the woman of the home is recognized and
honored as Mother Lakshmi.

The Living Goddess Tradition is very much alive in India, and it time to take
this very way of life to the West where in the past 2,000 years, Christians,
Judaism, and Muslims, and most recently the Communists, conspired to wipe out our memories clean of tens of thousands of years of Goddess spirituality, and thus females
lost their sacredness. It is time for women to reclaim their sacredness, and to
worship all women again as the Living Goddess. Mother Earth has to become the
domain of the Mother Goddess, only then will peace and harmonious living prevail
as it was before the monotheist religions

Since we stopped worshiping our Living Goddess, we have lost the harmony that we enjoyed. In short we kicked ourselves out of paradise. To regain our harmony we must first learn to worship women as Goddesses.

All women have to take authentic choices that will help to bring back peace and harmony to the world that we live in, as it use to be before monotheist religions, (the belief that there is only one God, as found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

To bring back harmony in our world both men and women have to acknowledge that all women are born goddesses. All women must undertake a personal journey to reclaim their true essence, to be a true Goddess from within. Calling oneself a Goddess does not necessarily make one a Goddess. To become a Goddess one must consciously strip off the layers of shame, guilt, anger, and need, to find our naturally flowing, radiant stream of love, compassion, creative power, bliss, and nurturing within. This may sound to be a daunting task but it is possible.

We have many who are on their way to become a true Goddess.

IFC offers variety of programs that will help women find their true inner nature.

1. Yoni Healing: The Yoni or womb is the seat of absolute divine presence and power, Adthi-Para-Shakti (Feuerstein, 1998, p.247). Although the Yoni is what makes a women more powerful then men, it is also their weakness. The Yoni is the Holy Grail that deserves to be worshiped and not to be merely used as a form gratification.

2. Para Tan Yoni Puja: Ancient Ritual from the World’s Oldest Living Goddess Tradition. A ritual that will help to align one's inner being with the divine. 

3. 15 days Healing Intensive: Learn to deprogram and reprogram one's life that will help oneself merge with the Goddesses within.

4. 2 Year Goddess Training, help to activate all your internal energies, i.e. God/Goddess/Planets and the elements. This will allow one to work in harmony with the Universe

May the Divine Mother cradle you in Her Love and Light

Our Mission

To spread the teachings of The Living Goddess Tradition, thus bring back Divine Love into every home, so that the children of tomorrow will enjoy a better world.

Come Help spread this teachings by inviting all your friends to join this group.

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Comment by Mani kutty on December 3, 2008 at 8:03am
Thanks a lot Devanayagi.I will try to contribute as much as possible.
Comment by Martin Dulal on December 3, 2008 at 3:36am
Thank you Devanayagi
I also think- By giving Love and Transparent Intelligence to the next generation is the real spirituality. This is very helpful for make life beautiful.
Love & Light
Comment by Nancy Kaye on December 3, 2008 at 3:11am
I am on board. Thank U !

"It warms our heart to know that we have been understood. The connection with other people is true communication in action. The thread of connection weaves itself with others and we become one in understanding." ~ Namaste, Nancy
Comment by Núria Castro on December 3, 2008 at 1:22am
Comment by Núria Castro on December 3, 2008 at 1:21am
Thanks a lot to create and invited me to this group.
The thing is that I´m working in this theme for a long time. I created a video titlle Mother" and I have many artworks that talks to rescute femenine´s values.
You can see it. I added two pictures of that. I added the our father´s literal traduccion of Arameo to English. It tell us how much the mother has been forgotten...

A big hug from Spain,

Father-Mother, Breathing of Life, Source of Sound, Non-word Action, Creator of Cosmos!

Let your light shine inside us, among us and out of us,
so that we can make it useful.

Help us follow our way breathing only the feeling that originates in You.

Let Ourselves, at the same step, be with Yourself,
so that we walk as Kings and Queens do with every other creature.

Let your will together with ours be an only one,
in all Light as in all forms, in every individual existence
as in every community.

Make us feel the Earth’s soul inside ourselves, as, this way,
we will feel the Wisdom existing in everything.

Don’t let shallowness or appearance of worldly goods fool us,
and free us of all that obstructs our growth.

Let us not forget that You are the Power and Glory of the world,
the Song that is renewed from time to time,
and that turns everything into beauty.

Let Your love be only where our actions grow.


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