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Growing in numbers
Growing in speed
Can't fight the future
Can't fight what I see

People they come together
People they fall apart
No one can stop us now

'Cause we are all made of stars…


Nothing can better describe my feelings today, than these lyrics by Moby which open his song "We are all made of stars".


iPeace network is being launched today, 21 September 2008, International day of peace.

Yesterday we were 3900 peace lovers, this morning 4200 and now we are almost 4500.


Growing in numbers, growing in speed…

No one can stop us now, 'Cause we want peace.


iPeace is not an organization. It's an organism. It's alive, and it's made out of people; It is made from you, her him, them, us and me. It is not for profit and it is not for prestige. It is for peace. Period.

iPeace is a wiki-organism that believes in unity, sharing and love. iPeace believes in the tremendous power of people, when united together, to make a true change in the world. You, my good friends, are the pioneers of this great movement.


Sharing Peace. Making A Difference. If each one of us makes the pledge to reduce pain in out world just by a little bit, our impact will be tremendous. Fight poverty, violence, hunger or prejudice. Help our children get better education or do something for our planet. The aggregate of the little changes will make our world more peaceful.
A wise man once told me: "You can't make peace with someone hungry, you can't make peace with someone who has nothing to lose".


iPeace will be a hub to ALL peace initiatives in the world. You'll be able to come here and educate yourself about what's going on and where, and also share YOUR knowledge. We will cooperate and give support to all peace initiatives, as long as they are non violent and non profit.


We are already supporting: PeaceJam and their Global Call for Action, Peace One Day, World Poverty Day and Kiva.


When joining Kiva for example, you have real power to change lives. Learn more about it in our Kiva group  or join iPeace lending team at Kiva .


This is just the beginning. You were here on Peace Day 2008, and you'll always be able to say: "I am one the founders of iPeace"


Please help iPeace grow:


  1. Give us feedback and your ideas. On the right side of every page you can find our administration team. Tell one of them what you think.
  2. Invite your world to join us. Use this LINK  , forward this email, or write a new one with our link http://ipeace.ning.com/
  3. Contribute your meaning of peace. Upload pictures, video or poetry. Write a blog or participate in a discussion. (Please read our Guidelines)
  4. Spread the word about iPeace. Blog about it, Post our banners and badge on your website or talk to the media about it.
  5. Invite opinion makers to iPeace (Publicists, Journalists, philosophers and other celebrities)



Lastly, I am honored to express my deep gratitude to iPeace administrators (Ank, Linda, Jens and Gordon) who made this day possible, and to the ever dedicated Welcome Team headed by Lyndsey. I also thank all of you, for joining iPeace and inviting your worlds to join.


Peace and Love to all



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