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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL • What is iPeace? iPeace is a network that connects like-minded PEOPLE. A place where you can make real new friends, invite your old ones and share your dreams and vision of a better w… View »

Velcrow Ripper 2 Comments

  Spiritual Rebel   By Ruach and Gordon J Millar   If anyone can find the silver lining in a mushroom cloud it's this astounding, thoughtful filmmaker." -National Post   Ve… View »

Anna Wilding 4 Comments

Anna Wilding (wild flower) and her Buddha Wild   By Sevina Yates     Anna Wildings film work on Buddha Wild bears sensitivity and inner strength as a hallmark of this multi talented… View »


Singing for Peace    From The White House to the Nobel Foundation, from the peace rally stage she shared with Yitzhak Rabin, minutes before his assassination, to the film reco… View »

Luminaries 1 Comment

PEACE by the Luminaries PEACE WORLDWIDE STARTS FROM THE INSIDE…         This is the mantra of a vibrant new young breed: off the street and depth of 'the hood' str… View »

Dawn Engle - PeaceJam 3 Comments

PeaceJam…A 600,000 strong extraordinary story. By: Renee Sigel As iPeace site editor I regard neutrality key to showcasing outstanding members of this unique global community. Recently graced wit… View »

Guidelines for Using iPeace

  Guidelines for using iPeace iPeace is a community with a difference. Each of you here feel it. You are here because your choose to share in its message… We share a single desire to spread… View »

Sean Jones 1 Comment

Dedicated Buddhist's life as a modern day “Lawrence of Pashtoonistan”: The life and times of Sean Jones... In March 1959, Sean Jones, then a fourteen year old schoolboy read in his local paper how… View »


Join the World March for Peace and Non-Violence In body or in spirit Join the iPeace Group View »


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