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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
Education, Other
So what is it?
Each person needs to discover Self-Knowledge (or find that live person who is completely in touch with it and can show YOU).
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
I finally discovered that Peace was within me. I enjoy religious reminders through music and comradery, but since we get together only once each week, I needed to have something that helped me be Peaceful every minute. I found it---or it found me!

I recommend people seek that Peace that is within. It's consistent with the coming and going of each breath.........
Can we change the world?
More about me
I am joyful and share that experience of joy with everyone I meet and definitely experience it more and more even when I am by myself........I recommend that people seek that kind of consistent and internal Peace. It cannot be taken away or disturbed by anything on the outside. It is the source of my happiness and I welcome anyone to enjoy it as well.........
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?

Please visit and click on "Earth Anthem" written by Stephen Longfellow Fiske as an option to the Star Spangled Banner.I, for one, am ready to hear this at baseball games and even the Olympic Games.

Here are the words to the Earth Anthem so you can sing along as you hear it.....(see above)

“Earth Anthem”
A new verse to the Star Spangled Banner
Written by Steven Longfellow Fiske

Oh, say can we see
By the one light in all
Our Earth to embrace
At the call of all nations,
Where our children can play
In a world without war,
Where we stand hand in hand
In the grace of creation,

Where the rivers run clean
Through the forests of green,
Where the cities stand tall
In the clear skies of freedom...

Oh say do our hearts sing out
For harmony and love forever
On the planet of our birth
Blessed with peace on Earth.

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At 5:57pm on July 2, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace will be closed shortly.. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 7:45pm on November 23, 2009, Lisa MacDonald said…
I just thought it was a great video and that all of my iPeace friends might benefit from it, so I decided to send it to everyone that is still somewhat active on the site. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day.
At 8:29pm on November 22, 2009, Lisa MacDonald said…
At 8:31am on October 18, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
"I recommend people seek that Peace that is within. It's consistent with the coming and going of each breath".........Joy Harmon

"Happy Trails" Namaste, Al
At 7:32pm on July 26, 2009, David Sparenberg said…
at 1 and 60

I did not do enough,
although it was in my heart.
I wanted to enjoy
the warmth of life
more than to put out
the fires of war.

I protested
but I did not sacrifice.
I marched
while the innocent and guilty alike
were burned by death from the sky.

Maybe if that child in
had not died of napalm,
the children of Iraq would
not now be
dying in my name?

Being an American,
I chose the ease of
what we call freedom.
I said, "No,"
but I did not make myself heard in
the power of compassionate
denouncement. I said “Yes,”
but not always to otherness
and not with the strength and
reverence of beatitude.

When I die
war will not have
left the lovely Earth and
should I come back in
the perfume of a flower, likely
the petals will be
stained with freshly fallen blood.

What child’s cheek
may yet come to paint with
pain the soft white of the lily? What
lust may yet harvest
the agony of thorns,
while crushing the ecstasy of roses?

I did not do enough,
although I had set out
to make a monument of
War No More.

There is my failure.
The teeming world of
tears that so easily tips
into fear and madness
does not need
these words alone. Rather,
a communion
where none are absent. Where
there can be anger as
an emotional bubble but
not enemies and
not crimes of hate.

It is said that
freedom is not free;
but it is
death that is made wholesale.
The axiom is propaganda. Peace
requires the greater vulnerability.

I have done some:
having spoken
when others remained silent; having
stepped up on occasion,
while others withdrew. But I have
not done enough. I know this,
so do you.

That yet another generation must
plant the seeds of healing I
have dreamed of and they,
labor for the season
I have not known.

Yet have I read, in
visions of prophecy,
that a tree will in twilight later grow
at the center of the circle of life; the
weapons of fratricide be
beaten down, the vineyards filled
with the royalty of angels. Robins
singing and butterflies,
not boy-men crying
for their mothers’ mercy.

to dance in that round in
footprints of a loving God! To stand in prayer
blessed beneath that
earthly bough.

David Sparenberg
3 Feb. 2009
At 7:18pm on July 18, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

The expression
of the beautiful genius
opens like a wordless
and clothes us
in the fumes
of paradise.
when we are
listening to the wings
of crows and the
tender melodies
of elfin butterflies
we feel embraced
by the breath
of angels.
so softly, so
delicate-sweet that
velvet on a virgin’s
might touch us
with an offering.
we are there, out
in that other place
the familiar cup
of a summer’s rose
from this ground
to kiss us
with the miracle
of its pouring passions.
we are downed
into the common
haunting symbolum
of earth’s
dense mystery.
not a single
word has swollen
to the lips
like a cherry
freshly swollen,
but the heavy
of a working bee
in the ecstasies
of pollen.
we are spellbound
and complete.
Like fruit.
Like garden.

David Sparenberg
At 6:02am on April 29, 2009, Joy Harmon said…
IT"S MY BIRTHDAY----I'M 65 years young.....I am driving to Virginia today and I will stop and have a Peace Drink to celebrate my birthday and the rebirth of Peace with all my wonderful friends on iPeace..... I will drink something (probably mango juice at exactly 3 pm tomorrow afternoon----even if I am driving, I will stop and pull off the road and drink to all of you for making my life so much more peaceful----I hope for another 65 years now that I have so many wonderful friend around the world... Be well....and prosper! May you see the light within yourself NOW and forevermore.....
At 6:15am on April 24, 2009, Dennis Redmond said…
Thanks, Joy. No, no relation. but I'll check her out. Thanks.
At 8:17pm on April 16, 2009, Joy Harmon said…
I'm off to "fly around town" doing important errands, replacing my social security card and renewing my driver's license.....Thanks SO much for reminding that I can fly----and tinkle (tee hee)......
At 4:01am on April 14, 2009, Eau Douce said…
Aloha Joy! Beautiful sister!
I can see We have the same Playmates!

I love your picture with the Children and the Earth Anthem
where is this street?
What a beautiful scene
! I had a vision of Artists from All around the world
meeting in Gaza to paint on the walls anchoring
Healing through TIME IS ART.


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