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Love, Peace, Joy and Vacuity - Amour, Paix, Joie et Vacuité

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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a pacifist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
War, Hunger, Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Violence, Human Rights
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
I think FEAR Iis the root of all difficulties of Humanity.
Je pense que la PEUR est la racine de toutes les difficultés de l'Humanité
Can we change the world?
More about me
Since my childhood, I'm a convinced pacifist.
I'm a Mum (my son is 20 years old and my husband's daughter too).
I'm a blessed wife and our love is deeper and deeper.
I'm a transpersonnal psychotherapist (transpersonnal means more an further than our personnal story) and I work with plenty of "technics" including non ordinary states of consciounss. I work with children, teenagers, grow-ups, couple and people who live the end of their lifes. I often work with my husband who is coach. I really like using the Enneagram which helps us to know us and others better and. to avoid the traps of our Egos and to know and unfold our possiblities.
I love Life, Humans, Animals, Nature, lakes and rivers and oceans, espacailly Pacific ocean (because of its name (of course) and because it's a fabulous one - I went in Maui (Hawaii), 3 years ago and I'm in love with this ladscape and with the people there).
I believe "all What is" is One and I'm very interested in what quantum scientists say about the Oneness.
I believe Love is "the" path.
Love and Peace.

Depuis mon enfance, je suis une pacifiste concaincue.
Je suis une mère (mon fils et la fille de mon mari ont tous deux 20 ans et une épouse comblée : notre amour ne cesse de s'approfoncir.
Je suis une psychothérapeute transpersonnelle (transpersonnel signifie "plus quen otre histoire personnelle) et je travaille avec de nombreuses "techniques", incluant les états de conscience élargie. J'accompagne des enfants, des adolescents, des adultes, des couples et des personnes en fin de vie.
J'aime la vie, les Humains, les Animaux, la Nature, les lacs, les rivières et les océans, tout spécialement l'Océan Pacifique (à cause de son nom (bien sûr) et parce qu'il est fabuleux - je suis allée à Maui (Hawaïi) il y a 3 ans et j'adore cette île, son paysage et ses habitants).
Je crois que Tout ce qui est est Un (ou pour le dire autrement que Nous sommes Un et je suis très inéressée par ce que disent les scientifiques quantiques au sujet de l'Unité.
Je crois que l'Amour est "la" voie.
Amour et Paix.
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?
Voici le texte qu'une de mes grandes amies et son mari ont partagé avec nous le jour de leur mariage. J'ai souhaite vous l'offrir aussi pour vous rappeler l'importance de l'isntant présent :
Here is the texte that one of my best friends and her husband shares with us on their wedding day. I wish to offer it to all of you also to remind you the importance of lthe present moment :

Regarde cette journée, pour sa vie,
Pour sa vie vraiment vivante.
Dans cette course brève réside toute la vérité de l'existence,
La joie du grandissement,
La splendeur de la beauté,
La gloire de l'action
Hier n'est qu'un souvenir
Et demain est seulement une vision.
Mais chaque jour bien vécu
Transforme chaque hier en un souvenir de joie
Et chaque demain en une vision d'espoir.
Donc, regarde cette journée !

Look to this day
Look to this day, for it is life
the very life of life
In this brief course lies all the truth of existence,
the joy of growth,
the splendour of beauty,
the glory of action.
For yesterday is but a memory,
and tomorrow only a vision.
But each day well lived
makes every yestersay a memory of hapiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Threfore, look to this day !

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At 9:14am on September 13, 2012, Hamit GÜRSOY said…

Salut Beatrice;

J'espère que tu vas bien.

Je suis en France, je vis près de Paris.

Je suis encore ici pour deux ans.



At 3:46am on June 25, 2010, Hamit GÜRSOY said…
Comment ça va? Je suis en France, je traille ici,
At 12:54pm on June 15, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 8:49am on May 26, 2010, Robert Strzalko said…
Hi Beatrice. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you're doing well, take care, Robert
At 3:08pm on March 30, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Easter means crossing
Today is a different day,
A day to feel the light soul
To remember that life is renewed
Much peace and love
Happy Easter Day

At 1:46pm on March 15, 2010, s <3 said…

At 2:20pm on March 5, 2010, mody Ibrahem said…
Beatrice ,
how are you ?
cheers Pictures, Images and Photos
At 10:34am on March 4, 2010, Charlina Cecena said…
Dear Friends - on 08 March is celebrated on the woman, I believe, that every day is the woman, but we will take to make flowers, gifts and other concerns, try to post a sentence every day and I hope that my friends do the same, if anyone knows anything interesting that can be counted is very good, so we all will know more.
A good story is the reason why is celebrated internationally on March o8. I know you all know, but someone wants to write? Post, participate, will be very good and fun. (Although the reason is sad).

"You know why the roses radiate the glory and beauty of God"?
♥ "They walk the earth in each woman." ♥
At 7:42pm on February 22, 2010, Beatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…
Thank you so much for your kindness and love, my sweet friend.
Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

At 7:50pm on February 18, 2010, Dave Kenyon said…
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The reason why we do namaste has a deeper spiritual significance. It recognizes the belief that the life force, the divinity, the Self or the God in me is the same in all. Acknowledging this oneness with the meeting of the palms, we honor the god in the person we meet." ~Subhamoy Das

We are one; each an aspect of the interconnencted web of life. Though we have been raised with a dualistic model of the world and have been tought to see this as truth; the loving God-centered truth is we are all One. ~ Namaste, Dave Kenyon

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