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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
Our Planet
So what is it?
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
Fear is the base of all things out of balance with the harmony of living beyond the boundaries of our small minds.
Can we change the world?
More about me
Metis, historian, researcher, genealogist, dna researcher, writer, poet, business person, philosopher etc. I believe the dream is the road each of us walk whether we are sleeping while awake or just waking while we sleep, we each journey forward to the complete healing of each other's creation.
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?
Amoungst such ancient wanderings
twenty and an hundred spaces fill
the wild host of freedom's will
harried and torn in wonder's grasp
alone standing on every tor
searching the sky for ever mor
a maiden's breath so sweet so kind
shines forth at night to every mind
and bids each knight and maiden true
look to the hills and sacred mounds
for clues and tales of Ulster's rows
laid in chains and soft pillows
upon a land thought far below
yet lays acrest the blown windrow
a fjord of sparkling mistletoe
for us to find a sultan with
who lay here beneath us far below
unknown or felt by the babies' toe
a grand quagmire of thistledown
acrest the grande encampment still
where heros lie and seldom foe
who venture forth or ever know
that softly down does heather grow
to point us this way to and fro
to look and chip and ever dig
remains as scary as Grundig
yet still the tale flies far above
when angles heft and yardline strung
to see the stars in perfect rhymn
on Venus's chest does endless time
come cresting over the fearless knight
who bereft of sleep and tireless shine
dost follow this maid and maiden still
through endless shadow and mocking row
to tilt the ire and in happiness grow
the crocuses and lily in endless row
to praise with scent a wondrous toe
that walks in heather row on row
to hear kindly that the message sent
heard here above and far below
that Venus turned in to a dove
and swooped down on us far below
to hear the tale of winter's row
that seldom spake or rustled more
now spring is come amid winter's fate
to cheer us all with scent and sign
tis time to dig and here withall
reclaim the child who's toes did bring
the skillful knight with maiden's breath
aside his ear and comely crown
to roll the scape of this predawn
the d'scovery of our hooked X
amidst this tale of timeless troth
for proven that with kindness still
fill memories of love till ages will
sit always 'pon this moonlit hill

Some smiling words for the season - keeping everyone in warm thoughts.

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At 8:54pm on September 5, 2009, Sandy Medine said…
At 12:20am on March 2, 2009, Swirling Rainbow said…

Dear Martin, I liked your sons picture and I thought to send you my sons picture. We loved our snake. Love heal all.
At 9:28am on February 21, 2009, SunBôw said…
Here is a small and simple but sweet image, expressing well how I feel.

May we come together as One to bring Love and Peace to the world.

At 3:38pm on February 11, 2009, Lunalix said…

Thank Your For Your Words !!!
At 10:41pm on February 8, 2009, IA said…

An old indian shaman and a woman from the spirit world took care of me last winter !
Love and light brother !
We are all one !
A new world is to be born, the old is slowly fading away !
At 10:26pm on February 8, 2009, IA said…

Water healing manual!

Make your drinking water holy!

1.Pour up a container of water and send your love to
this life fruitful source!

2.Use music or mantra or prayer to put
yourself in a loving emotion!

The method is not important, what is important is that you send
love to the water pure emotional!
Your love is changing the structure of the water and makes it
holy, with the emotional energy you can generate your
feelings to this life fruitful source.

3.Do this every day, always understand that you are energy
and you affect your surroundings!
Begin to affect your environment consciously, by actively
change the structure of the most life-giving source, we have on
this planet!

Energy is life worthwhile for the consumer of the water.
The consumers of this water that has been healed
may give a changed balance in the body after consumption!

You have by your active emoition a relationship with
this water so you can continue to send love to
water when others have consumed this!

4.Se with your innre picture how the energy is spread to
other water molecules, and how love is spreading with
force to the surrounding areas!

Heal yourself and your surroundings! Start today!

Our oceans, lakes rivers etc..

1.Take with you one transparent container so you can see the

2.Fill the container with water from nature!

3.Put yourselfe with the container in front of you and send your love
and blessing to the water!

Use your tools your intuition, mantras, symbols
or what comes to you when you see into the water!
Fill the water container with love and kindness!

4. Return the blessed water, which is now a part
of you to the sea oean ... where you took it.

5. Put yourself on the beach and see (with your inner wision )how the love and
healed water spread to the surounding water and starts growing!

6. Send love to your conatner of water over and over again
even when you are home!
You are emoitional linked to this water and your
energy is conected and spread in the world with your live act!

7. Repeat this as often as you can, why not assemble a
group, launch a water healer day, in the area where you live .
Anyone can do this, bring the kids to, have a lovely day !

Love and light to a healthier future in a world in

This is a gift from the universe through me to you in
the name of LOVE !

The text may be copied and used for healing purposes
private or for groups.

Maria Stade / IA, Sweden, Kungälv, 8/2-2009
At 11:07pm on February 3, 2009, Larry said…

Feb 3rd, 1943

birth of the aqua-lung

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (11 June 1910 – 25 June 1997)

French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, innovator,
scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea
and all forms of life in water.

He co-developed the aqua-lung (Feb 3, 1943), pioneered marine
conservation and was a member of the Académie française.

He is known as "le Commandant Cousteau" or "Captain Cousteau".
A small Green Sea Turtle was found along a rock wall
near the Dive In dive center in Key Largo,
completely covered with thick, black oil.
The baby turtle was rescued, using mayonnaise
(which dissolves the oil without harming the turtle)

she is now named.... exxon...

where are you

Immeasurable beauty lives where dolphins swim free...
We are so blessed to experience life
on such a beautiful planet...

Although, blind to her beauty....
industrial giants profit as they destroy
the loving whales alive...
and dolphins now swim in their toxic cocktails...
If we do not defend the Living Oceans
from the industrial profiteers,
who will...

How can we be so blind... to so much beauty...

For all of time....
and the infinite universe...
we only have ONE planet...

In all the universe...
We have the only Living Oceans... | Solar4TheUsa | OpenDoorWorld

At 9:41pm on January 30, 2009, Eau Douce said…
Aloha Martin
I love your picture say hi to All
hope you are staying warm

as Today is the energy of the


I AM guided by Self Generation

I invite you for a visit to my page and view CHA

for the Children
the interesting thing is
that the Children are ready to become hero
and if they see this video
it is an activation and connection with the Earth and the Galaxy

Here the Children from HAwaii holding the seeds of the Spiral

In Lak'ech i Am Another YourSelf
At 6:39am on January 30, 2009, Michael C. Dewey said…
At 4:46pm on January 25, 2009, krisaya said…

Hello Martin Thanks for your lovely comment, have a nice Sunday in Love and Light

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