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We Empower U ~ The TOBAS Marketing Group LLC. ~ People Helping People to Become Successful ~ http://thetobascommunity.ning.com

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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
War, Hunger, Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Violence, Inflation, Human Rights, Our Shrinking Freedom
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
Economic disparities
Can we change the world?
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?

You Can Have Everything You Want In Life, IF, You Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!

I am a very proud member of the TOBAS Marketing Group LLC. We have a unique "TEAM CONCEPT" that we believe will help us succeed on the Internet and we believe we can help others to succeed also.

We are a group of people with a variety of skills, each contributes their expertise to make our group much stronger than any of us would be on our own. It will also allow us to help those that join us in our carefully selected programs.

We will be joining a program and promoting a single link. We will all promote the same link and we will all share equally in the profits. We see advantages for us and those that join with us by doing it this way. We will benefit by bonuses for large personally recruited members and we will create a large amount of spillover.

We are tired of the HYPE and LIES of the so called leaders of this industry. I think you should know what the name TOBAS stands for, TOBAS is the initials for " Tired Of Being A Sucker. "

Our goal is to make a positive change in Internet Marketing. By helping others to succeed, we are also helping us to succeed. I think that sucess will be a lot sweeter if we do it with honesty and integrity.. If we do, we will soon not have to recruit. People will follow us from program to program and also bring along some of their friends.

We now have our own Social Site and on that Social Site we have a Group set up to help those that join us in our first program. We have also set up a group on this site also.

We are also in the process of building our own website. It will be an awesome site. If your curious and want to learn more about it, give me a call.

If you like what you have read about us, please join our Social Site at;
The TOBAS Community

You can join our current program free at;
Cal Nutrascience ~ CNI~ Core 4 Extreme

PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP ON THE SITE. Contact Vickie at (713) 540-3562 or Joe at (631) 615-2933, on of them will be glad to send you an invite. This way we can position you for the best benefit of our downline. We will also do the same for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to call.

Peace, Love & Prosperity to All in '2009' & Beyond!
Love 2 Live & Live 2 Love!

Tamatha Burrus
Marketing Director
The TOBAS Marketing Group LLC

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If you've tried to lose weight before, with no luck...that's all about to change. Don't get rid of those clothes you can't get into anymore...just yet. I know you think you've heard it all before, but I can tell you that you've never heard this before! Read On...

Everybody knows that weight loss can only happen if you consume fewer calories than your body burns. Any product that doesn't reduce the amount of calories you absorb or increase the calories you burn won't result in weight loss.

Cal Nutrasciences, Inc. Brought to you by The TOBAS Marketing Group, LLC Combining the Science of Nutrient Fusion for a lifestyle of change that will have you looking and feeling like a million dollars! Cal Nutrasciences, Inc. (CNI) is the first program that The TOBAS Marketing Group, LLC has chosen to represent. We chose this company for several reasons. First of all, the company has solid financial backing; they have a new product that is totally unique, has never been sold before, and is needed by almost 70% of Americans. Their product is one that is not only needed by the masses but is also very affordable. And last, but certainly not least, they have a terrific compensation plan that pays daily. To learn more, keep reading....

The Company

Cal Nutrasciences, Inc. (CNI) was formed in 2008 and its goal is to deliver the most advanced, scientific nutritional innovations through a proprietary process called Nutrient Fusion, designed to create fast, dramatic and long-lasting weight loss results. Understanding that everything in nutrition, fitness, life and on the planet starts at the core, Cal Nutrasciences created CORE 4 to launch.

The Products

The products are all natural and all organic. The Core4 products are considered to be "nutraceuticals" and have never been sold before now. Please see below for the complete CORE 4 product line descriptions.

ACCELERATE is a scientific revolution in thermogenic fat burning and is formulated to:

• Stimulate the thermogenic fat burning and weight loss process
• Suppress appetite
• Promote energy and stamina

LEAN Vanilla is a breakthrough protein and power amino acid shake formulated to:

• Satisfy appetite
• Reduce food cravings
• Support fat metabolism
• Increase sustained energy
• Meal Replacement

FLUSH is a gentle organic, yet highly effective daily colon cleanse formulated to:

• Boost fat burning
• Support weigh loss
• Decrease bloating to create a flatter stomach
• Improve digestion
• Remove pollutants and toxins
• Improve absorption of supplements
• Restore energy

CHEAT is the World’s first food sprinkle that:

• Eliminates 25% of calories eaten
• Clinically proven to reduce weight*
• Tasteless and Effective
• Patent Pending
*In a clinical study, participants lost an average of eight pounds in 30 days without changing their diet.

CHEAT is our flagship product and it is going to revolutionize the weight loss industry! Please see discussion for full details and ingredients in CHEAT.

Just as an aside, I also found this in my research

The term 'nutraceutical' was coined in 1989 by Stephen DeFelice, a physician and founder of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine (FIM; Cranford, NJ, USA), to describe “a food or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of disease.” Nutraceuticals now include a wide range of products, such as echinacea, St John's wort, oils from fish and flax seed, glucosamine and chondroitin, calcium-fortified juices and plant-sterol-containing butter substitutes. Iceland's largest dairy company recently introduced the world's first milk to lower high blood pressure, Finns can buy a similar product with bioactive peptides as active ingredients, and probiotic drinks to strengthen the immune system are sold all over Europe.

The Product Cost

Whether you are just wanting to purchase the products or you want to start a business with CNI, currently, you will need to sign up for a free position. Just send me a message requesting a free, no obligation, invitation and I will send it to you right away.

You will then receive your very own CNI website and back office. Everyone will have this regardless if you just want to order the products for personal use or if you want to start a business with CNI. Once you log into your own back office, you will be able to see the various prices for either the individual products or you can order from 3 different distributor package levels.

If you decide that you would like to join us as a distributor of the CORE 4 products, you will be able to benefit from not only your own efforts, but from that of the entire TOBAS Marketing Group! That's what we are all about...people helping people. To become a distributor, and receive overflow from TOBAS, you will need to activate your own position and personally sponsor two (2) other distributors; one on your the left side and one on your right side, and they both activate their positions.

Currently, the CORE 4 Products can only be shipped within the United States and Canada and you must have a US or Canadian address in order to sign up as a distributor. If you'd like to learn how you can earn money with the CORE 4 products...call Vickie at (713) 540-3562 or Joe at (631) 615-2933. Or you may send an email to:


To listen to our recorded call, dial: (646) 222-0178.....24 hours a day.

Don't Forget to Add Me as Your Friend & Contact!!

Here's to Our Health, Wealth, & Frienships!!
Peace, Love & Prosperity to You in '2009!!'
Love 2 Live & Live 2 Love!!

Tamatha Burrus
Marketing Director
The TOBAS Marketing Group LLC.
We Empower U

To Learn More About Me or to Read More of My Blogs... Go To "My Page"

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At 6:00pm on May 31, 2009, Carole Wilson said…
Hi we empower you ,you must be on every website I am on takes to much of my time join www.meetup.com ,put in your zip code and meet real people.
At 6:07am on March 19, 2009, dear james said…
may all your dreams come true
i hope and pray this message finds you
in the best of health and spirits
and we by chance become the best of friends
please add me to your fortunate friends list
if you so wish

peace and love,
At 1:11am on March 19, 2009, We Empower U said…

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Good Morning!

I am All about Helping Empower Others to Reach for & Achieve Their Goals! If I can be of Assistance to You, Do Not Hesitate to Let Me Know!

Don't Forget To Add Me As A Friend & Contact!

Peace, Love & Prosperity to You in '2009!!'
Love 2 Live & Live 2 Love!!

Tamatha Burrus
Marketing Director

The TOBAS Marketing Group LLC

We Empower U

Come & Join Our TOBAS Social Network Community

I am one of the partners in The TOBAS Marketing Group LLC., my forte is blogging. My other partners have talents in other areas and when we put this all together it makes us a Great Team. We will be happy to share these talents with you. I hope you see the advantage of joining with us. Please Join Our Social Site and give some consideration to The Program that We are Promoting. People Helping People to Become Successful a Social Network for People Who Are Willing To Help Each Other Be Successful. We work as a single team to ensure the success of ALL of our members, Including those that join with us in our selected programs.

Remember ~ Above All Else Today that…

At 1:05am on March 19, 2009, chaim said…

HelloWe Empower U!

Welcome, and thanks for joining iPeace, it's great to have you on board with us! We hope you'll find your experience here valuable, enriching and effective.

There are many levels and facets to iPeace. Please take your time to explore them all.

Choose what interest you from hundreds of groups, read and participate in forum discussions, post your blogs or upload your multimedia.

Make friends and enjoy their contribution. We are coming from over 170 countries and celebrating diversity.

The iPeace space is all about freedom of expression and mutual respect.

You'll find it easier to navigate and use iPeace if you read the following:

About iPeace,
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and if you like it here, please help iPeace get stronger by inviting your friends.

It is easy, just click the LINK.

Peace and Love
... chaim and all the iPeace Welcome Team.


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