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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
Our Planet, Other
So what is it?
'Our Planet' and every life form upon it, and everything and every force it is a part of, and all multi-dimensions it is nested within- all these are burning with the phire of eternal energy- this universe is awake and flowing like a spark and like a phire..... The 'burning issues' in the negative could be described as... the imbalanced distribution of power of choice both locally and internationally... most action made in the name of profiting money made before the good of humanity and ecological sanity... mind control in the name of war and power... meditated and/or unconscious disconnection from the body as if it is mundane, perpetrated by conditioning in the name of control/power structures in families, societies and war ignorant human 'everyday' habits ... all these 'burning issues' and more are important to be acknowledged to bring the true solutions to them... many people have done this and are doing this.... The real ‘burning issues’ are the warm souls who are bringing the ‘phire’ of life to resolve unnecessary limitation from the abundance and planetary peace we are all wishing for, people are awakening upon the planet …
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
Better question still – what must we do to achieve peace? Keep our mind and eyes on the prize of peace- lovely people- the prize of peace, love is its own reward… love ourselves, resolve our traumas, love our planet and each other… see the difference between preference and love- we always say we ‘love’ something when we like or prefer it- see love as is- it works reciprocally and doesn’t work unreciprocally- you can’t really ‘love’ a hamburger, you can prefer it but it’s not really love, learn to love, love deep….
I am sending love and empathy out to all those in troubled places/ war zones and people currently in difficult circumstances now whom are doing their best to overcome.
Peace is living loving doesn’t matter if you’re a do-er or a be-er, peace is true wholistic communication and living loving respect…
I wanted to indicate fear as what we need to overcome most as the obstacle to peace, but I’m concerned that this emotion gets too generalised and demonised all too often. Fear isn’t an obstacle, it’s a warning emotion and we evolved with it in part. But we are regularly having it used against us in bombardment and we seem to be conditioned to store it and self destruct through it. We could be and can be evenly and healthily responding to it, growing resilience and so cultivate understanding of our true needs through its markers. Instead we are encouraged by numerous factors to dive head long in it and get caught in its trap, this has happened on mass, and its suppressed qualities mimic the same controlling behaviour that instilled it, whether that be to control our own loving potential or whether it be to categorically destroy each other or ourselves. I don’t believe that is fear alone, I believe that is better defined as the sustained fear of love OR fear of losing love OR of being unable to protect or hold to the people and aspects of love which we are most endeared by- its lack of confidence in love… This is a huge challenge and is apparent to me in both archaic systems, international power structures and in family/ local communities...
Having lives we are deep down afraid of is the saddest thing many people have ever gotten used to- some from pure subjection of trauma and so instilled to be able to survive and others as a way of pleasing their social environmental conditions in a subtle controlled fashion or as a response to the subtle conditions. Habitual and casual small steps or huge tragedy and trauma, either of those indents the fear into us and we lose our peace of mind, this isn't always obvious and the mind avoids the process...
Peace will come to someone as they trust they know it… not to forget to mention that peace will come when people realise they can’t eat money, plastic toys, their shoes. People who speak for peace and not for the way of ecology and connection to this natural planet can eat their shoes...
What is the obstacle to peace...<( * )>, ,<( * )>...cosmic mind bending spoon moment…. there is no obstacle....oh o k then perhaps there are just too many answers= got to focus on solutions...
Can we change the world?
More about me
I am researching solutions and positive ways onward... am happy to plug into forums and groups and see where I can learn from others and find out about more useful examples for solving our modern manifested challenges and finding ways to heal the global trauma’s..

Day by day i am learning a little more wholistic intelligence, so that I can swim deeper in the beautiful lake of the manifest and unmanifest potential...

May all industries be completely ecologically and consciously reworked to include the finest most spiritually intelligent developments that humans have learnt from and WITH nature, may this happen swiftly and as vastly as possible upon the planet...
There are so many options for change and manifestation of a global conscious loving kind oneness = may the 'right' messages get to those in power and with influence and may all understanding of money systems become so absolutely completely confused by all parties that they only be solved and understood by a good HONEST what life is worth system- the turning tide of sanity may it come sooner rather than later...

I am another yourself... I see that we often don’t realise just how much we are, by moment, by day, year, or by potential. I see energy in and around people and I’ve learnt that most people don’t really recognise just how much they are in themselves- it’s not about talking about oneself or pride, it’s about feeling yourself to the fullest and by your love not just by your preference. That aside most people emit vast energies and I wonder if they knew the way I see them that they would feel more comfortable to take off masks and feel more at peace with existence- even after the trauma’s and drama’s that go on, often we are so much more than we realise we are…. If only we could all clearly see the truth of each other, without getting too complicated- it could take just as long to truly recognise ourselves as it does to fleetingly judge ourselves ona regular basis- could there be more peace on the planet then? Many people who believe they have confidence and love themselves are just stroking their preference (a bit different from ego) what if we learnt the deeper facets of love and peace in this lifetime- does my resonant feeling of peace quash another's hate in some far away place- it feels good anyway- and yes i often feel totally saddened by everything sad mad and bad on this planet but im not going to beat myself up over it or ignore it- im going to let it motivate me...

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At 10:17pm on December 20, 2011, mody Ibrahem said…

nice to  meet you Beckeyla ,


At 5:41am on December 18, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

thanks for your friendship ! best wishes for the holidays season ! :o)



At 7:53pm on November 30, 2011, Vicky F. said…

Welcome Beckeyla.. Thank you for your friendship, lots of Love from Mexico

At 8:06am on November 30, 2011, Eckart said…

Thank you so much for your friendship beckeyla.

Wish you a wonderful time ahaid.


Love Light and Peace to you


At 4:03am on November 30, 2011, Ravishankar.G said…

Thanks Beckeyla... I am honored...

Love & Light


At 3:24am on November 30, 2011, Maria Sotomayor said…

Thank you Beckeyla for your friendship

Peace, love and light


At 2:25am on November 30, 2011, Eva said…

Thank you for adding me as your friend Beckeyla !


I wish you a happy time.


Many Blessings of Peace,


At 12:21am on November 30, 2011, G.P. said…

At 10:55pm on November 29, 2011, David Gould said…

Hi thanks for the add.

I see from above that you too have discovered that hate can never be appeased by hatred but can be overcome by love ancient law according to the Buddhist's teachings.


I chose Life was the catch phrase of Trains-spotting...I suppose mine would be I chose Love.


Only love leads to respect that can lead to peace...the royal progression of all thought to its highest level.

At 10:40pm on January 14, 2011, leonardo martin negrin said…
Hi Beckeyla these is my gift for you.

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