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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
Hunger, Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Human Rights
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
people act out of selfish self interest. so do religions & governments. fear is a weapon used when.....all legimate reasoning fails.
Can we change the world?
More about me
I am a Type 2 diabetic who is struggling with the management of this horrid disease.

i am not alone...

33% of the american people are diabetic right now.

another 33%....HAVE DIABETES.....and do not yet know it.

american children are getting MORE obese and the threat of a lifetime of suffering from diabetes looms ominously ahead of them.

Here is the point. your doctor prescribes what the drug companies tell them to prescribe. YOUR DOCTOR.....HAS HAD VERY LIMITED TRAINING IN BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL

WESTERN MEDICINE is built on SYMPTOM RELIEF......not diagnosis and cure. THE MONEY IS IN THE DISEASE.....NOT THE CURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE ARE CURATIVE THERAPIES FOR YOUR DIABETES OUT THERE.....the drug companies know about them......BUT WILL NOT TELL YOU because it cuts off their profits.

this new website/community is about EDUCATION of the diabetic community....exploring and experiencing ALL WHOLISTIC NATURAL options for diabetic management.

if you are diabetic....OR LOVE SOMEBODY WHO IS.... OR MIGHT BE IN THE FUTURE......JOIN the Diabetic BOOGEYMAN.....and learn to THRIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join the Diabetic BOOGEYMAN :
Promise to respect others and refrain from spamming?

The Cash Gifter's Creed........................................

The Cash Gifters Creed...............................

with credit to joe schroeder.........what follows has been adapted to Cash Gifting.

" Leave Everyone You Meet.....With Your Imprint....and MORE OF THEMSELVES.

i choose to be different. because i am an individual. i am proud of that. it is good.

i don't play like others in the " in crowd"....or go where the crowd goes. i am DIFFERENT. i will be understood by 2% of the world......and misunderstood at times by the remaining 98%. that's ok....because i am part of the FELLOWSHIP OF THE 2%........the people who create the postive force that shapes this world. THIS I WILL TEACH WITH MY CHILDREN. no more maybe' more games.

finally now the foundation has been poured. i have made my decision..AND I AM NOW DEDICATED TO EVERYONE....not just to my family. i now realize that i am a vessel. because as a fisher of men/women.....I AM AT THEIR SERVICE. a role model. a friend. i now choose to speak INCREASE INTO OTHER PEOPLE. I NOW AM SEEING WHY some people are attractive. they speak heightened self image into people + increase FORWARD SPEAK = GOOD NEWS MERCHANT !!!!!!!!!!

i am a genius. a diamond.....and i will never let up. i am now out of my old comfort zone. i will not back away...slow down...or ever complain about my DECISION and my mission. i live my life between AMEN AND ACHIEVEMENT.....FOR WHICH I AM PROUD !!!!!!!!. i love me so much. IT'S MY TURN NOW !!!!!!!!

i can now see that with every step i take from now on............i will be CREATING THE PATH FOR ALL WHO CHOOSE TO FOLLOW ME. it is called servanthood......THE CORE OF CASH LEVERAGING.

i am done with small thinking.....lack of planning.....and my past lack of discipline. I HAVE BEEN RENEWED. no more cheap excuses. no more SHAME. NO MORE WORKING FROM HOME WITHOUT GENERATING CASH.

" you can't save the whales.....if you can't afford to fish." i know deep down that without serious self renewal and financial stability in my life......i will not be able to feed my REAL VISION.......which is to inspire 100,000 other people.

i don't have to be first. i don't have to be heard by all........and i don't care if everybody likes me or not. BECAUSE NOW I WALK IN FAITH. which is god's way of getting me to where i am to be. I AM A DIAMOND.

i am a winner.....a visionary.....and a leader. ONLY GOOD COMES FROM MY LIPS.......and my words are dedicated to healing the pain IN THE HEARTS OF OTHER PEOPLE. i speak my world into existence....I AM A LEADER. I AM A GENIUS......gathering my own I AM. my world is bountiful. I AM A FISHER OF HEARTS. I IMPRINT THESE IDEALS....into everyone's eyes........that connect with mine.

read this creed to yourself....OUTLOUD 3X DAILY.....and within a short time watch the blessings of Cash Gifting explode in your life !!!!!!!!!

m.j. campanella

Maurie j. campanella's Blog

Home Foreclosures December 2009..........2.8 million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 8:23am 0 Comments

Longer-Term Jobless Benefits Hit 25-year High.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of out-of-work Americans continuing to draw unemployment benefits has surged to a 25-year high, while shoppers turned extra frugal, further proof of the damage from sinking economy, credit problems and financial stresses.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that the number of people continuing to draw unemployment benefits jumped by 122,000 to 3.84 million in late October. It was the highest… Continue

If You'd Just Stop Saying....If.......................

Posted on January 18, 2009 at 1:04pm 0 Comments

If ….You’d Just Stop Saying If.


I want to pass on something to you that has challenged us all.... Enjoy - and be challenged!

People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be airtight alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement.

Some of these alibis are clever, and a few of them are justifiable by the facts. But alibis cannot be used for money. The… Continue


Posted on January 18, 2009 at 1:02pm 0 Comments



i think one of the saddest things i see on a regular basis when i go to the site of a 70 or 80 year old man/woman standing for hours on end.....handing out smiley faces as a wal-mart people greeter.

now people greeting isn't a bad thing. wal-mart is kind...... i guess to give these seniors work of some type. at our brand spankin new wal-mart super center here in elkton… Continue

Educators...Pastors...Directors Of Non-Profit Organizations....Pay Attention.

Posted on January 18, 2009 at 1:01pm 0 Comments

Educators/ Teachers
Ministers/ Pastors
Non-profit Organization Directors

Raise $$$$$ for your Classroom Supplies….Books…All Classroom Needs

Raise Cash for PTA Activities….School Trips…Band Uniforms & Instruments.

Cash to Support Missionaries & Missions Work Around The Globe.

World Changer Mall

"My Story" by m.j. campanella

Posted on January 18, 2009 at 12:59pm 0 Comments

I Have Found A Secret !!!!

“ Behold, happy IS the man whom GOD correctith: Therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: for he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole.”

Job 5 17-18

“Why are thou cast down, O my Soul ? and why art thou disquieted within me ? HOPE THOU IN GOD for I shall yet praise him, Who IS the health of my contenance, And My God.”

Psalms Book 2 psalm 42 verse… Continue

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At 1:05pm on June 17, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 8:16am on January 21, 2010, maurie j. campanella said…
i'd like to invite be a FOUNDING FOLLOWER.....of my new blog................
At 4:10am on October 17, 2009, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…
How did you, in your profile picture, get next to me without my knowing?
At 6:58pm on March 19, 2009, Sebastian Keene said…
Hi Maurie,

I am so honored to be your friend. May you be blessed with abundant life full of bliss.
At 8:44pm on February 13, 2009, Rashad said…
I am trying to add you in my friends list but I could not due to slow internet speed can you add me in your friends list? God bless.
At 2:19am on January 19, 2009, SaveNaturefree said…
I like your banner... "Together We Can Change The World"
Im sure you would agree that It seems that some of us are more together than others. If you decide to join me at saveNaturefree please return here when your done.

At 9:56pm on December 15, 2008, TANVEER HUSSAIN BABAR said…
yes sir all is well. thanks
At 4:40pm on November 20, 2008, Nadine Jackson said…

THANK YOU so very much for inviting me to iPeace. I haven't had the chance to read through everything offered, but I have already met some awesome new yourself!


"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else." - Charles Dickens
At 12:59pm on November 20, 2008, Robin said…
opps!!!!!sorry dude wrong page!ignore the comment but peace and blessings to you too!
At 12:57pm on November 20, 2008, Robin said…
Hey Man

Lovely to have your freindship.You look like a cool guy.hows it going in nottingham?Up to much?I used to live near there in sherwood forest.

Robin Hood

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