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This Precious Human LIfe


This morning my beloved uncle Bob died of cancer. He passed away gently, in his sleep. Yet another casualty of the cancer epidemic that is sweeping this planet. He contracted cancer from exposure to asbestos at a pulp mill he worked in.

My brother Randy also died of cancer, just a few years ago. Too many of us, far too many of us have been touched by cancers cruel fingers. Although it is often difficult to prove, I believe that the huge spike in cancer we… Continue

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I feel the time has come to speak out. A few years ago my cousin's daughter wrote a book about cousins of ours who lived and hid in italy throughout the war. Reflecting on all that had happened and its impact, the elderly mother of the family said that one thing we had lost was our sense of morality, some kind of capacity to speak out when things are not fair, to admit wrongs-especially our own- and to work to change them. That no matter what has happened to us some moral capacity must be part… Continue

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My awakening

I've really been able to open my eyes to the world by joining Ipeace!

In real life I haven't had the chance to find many people who share the kind of views shared here. So I thought I must be like an exception, and I thought its strange that there are so few people who think and care about the world. But now I have found this community and it really shook me up. I think its so magnificent that it's possible to unite people from all over the world, and there can be many many… Continue

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Why am I here? From violence to peace.

Why am I here?

Peace is important to us all.

We all want peace.

But at the same time it is also such an abstract concept.

I am an activist who likes to see things happen.

I don't mean, manning the barricades, done that - been there.

I went through many years wanting to burn and kill and shoot

No it is time for us all to stop talking and awaken ourselves.

To look at very action every word and see what we, in ourselves, are… Continue

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how deep are you willing to go? how much do you really care? the sad balancing act

Dearest friends,

Here i am again.

The war is over (for now), the bombs have stopped for the moment.

I am feeling sad, my heart is heavy, i juggle desperation and tentative hope.

I spend many sleepless nights in front of the computer screen looking for answers, for information, for knowledge.

Sometimes i read things that open my eyes.

I read an interview with doctors from Gaza who spoke to Italian journalists and claim the death toll is… Continue

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Though there are torturers/ There are also musicians

Though there are torturers in this world

There are also musicians

from a poem by Michael Coady

A city that the sun has staked to the ground and dared to survive. A city that hums with the silent impact of thousands of rolling miles of sand waves washing round it.

A poet is woken in a woman’s bed, woken by the sound of her husband crashing his huge body against the door and roaring. The poet leaps from the window and goes flying across rooftops,… Continue

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In this moment

The sun glitters breathless and ecstatic

In a clear clear sky

In this moment

A polar bear drowns

From melting ice

Hold on

To it all



and everything in between

It's all You

Ever wonder

how much

one little heart can hold?

All of it.

There's room for it all.

Sometimes it has to break… Continue

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I've given birth to myself

I’ve given birth to myself in muddy fields

Sweaty crowds dancefloors

Of Achilles heels

Open throats and eyes

Inky outcrops of rock

Slumping into the sea

Thinky fingerprint stained

Sheets of paper


Been reborn as me

More times than there are names for god

There are monasteries devoted

To notating tabulating remembering

And celebrating my birthdates

My star charts expand in fractal arcs

Astrologically… Continue

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"The Dawning of Our Possibility"

"There are many issues that divide..We have to find the right ones that unite us..Or we all lose Our capacity to be able to be..The New Authors Writers and Agents of the very Change..We say we desire and seek..For this Day is "The Dawning of Our Possibility"..Daton O. Fullard 2009 This Piece is dedicated to all those who came before us..To give us a Vision of What We each can someday aspire to be..Their many names are written in the Library of My Blood and Soul..it is The very first page..Of… Continue

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“Anywhere people need to feel connected, I bring my drums and show them that connecting with people is easy. And yes, we can work together as humans to create magic. Rhythm succeeds where words often fail.”

It was one day before the attack into Gaza, and I came into iPeace with no idea of what was about to happen. I was excited to see the constructive energy of this network, to feel the vision of its founder, to take the pulse of its vibrantly creative… Continue

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"Hope and sincerity are the new punk." - Antony



For now, let go

Just for now, let it all go

Your worries, your fears

Your addiction to suffering

Put your despair and…


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Barack Obama and the flow of Universal Spirit

From the first moment I heard Barack Obama speaking, though his venue is politics, I felt that he was emerging as a "voice of interfaith". I watched on television as he announced his candidacy, I joined his web network the day it was put on line. I followed his amazing campaign, as he organized the most powerful political network in American political history. I watched him as he appeared on hundreds of stages and platforms, repeating his positive and visionary message, in a humble and… Continue

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.....We are not the Largest...But nothing is more Spectacular....

...Comparison photos of Earth and other planets in the neighborhood......

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Gandhi Peace Walk -- Stories From The Road

Follow Your Bliss by Dermot Butterly aka Gandhi Rolling Stone

Greetings my dear readers. Here I sit in my little camper in the long-term parking lot of the Oklahoma City airport hoping they don’t kick me out in the middle of the night. You see I just returned from a few days in Los Angeles getting some dental work done and now I’m back on the road. I’m feeling quite sad and even a little sorry for myself. The transition from a hot apartment, great meals, and the warmth of my… Continue

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Tired out, talked out, thought out

So many words. So much to say. My head, these days is fuller than it has been in ages. Thoughts, pop in and out all day long.... iPeace is often in my mind - the people, Gaza, and all the rest. Sometimes it is just too much to think about - and we all know our limits. I remember getting physically sick from following a war. So into it, it got into ME.

I find it is impossible to free my brain to relax: am I being egotistical to want to do so? I feel, maybe I am. But like I say,… Continue

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i believe israel has made a terrible mistake for precisely the reasons mr freedland expounds so eloquently. however, there are many anti zionists who are using this issue to hate jews, and that tears at my heart.

we are all human. we are all in pain right now, and none so much as the families of those innocent palestinians who have lost their lives . the fighting has to stop. - violence only spreads like poison - it… Continue

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"If I Could Be"

If I Could Be

If I could be thy light that shines

bright in your darkest night

If I could be thy hand needed to dry

your too many tears that you shall cry

If I could be thy answers to thy often

questions when you ask of me why

If I could be thy Joy when thy are fully

surrounded only by moments of sadness

If I could be thy courage to replace in you

all of my many moments of… Continue

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Harmonic Entrainment Under Infinite Voltage

I can feel the ground moving. Obama is coming into Washington DC, Hillary in Thailand told me this morning that we're shifting into Aquarius, I can feel it in my body. There is a tremendous readiness in our collective evolution. We are ready for something -- poised, prepared, passionately crying out, knowing.

I read this blog post on Emergence this morning. It's so direct, so to the point. That call is directly received in… Continue

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Three Fine Flames are Gone

In answer to David's "I cry with you Abu al-Aish"

Three Fine Flames are Gone

These three bright flames are gone

whose fires once warmed our lives

this world just cannot weep enough

for all this pain within your heart,

nor can we fathom why they went

why were these flames snuffed out.

The inconsolable tears of a father

for all this pain and grief, he’s lost

the three most wonderful flames

that brightened… Continue

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Human beings are a complex concoction, a molten mixture of mind, body, spirit, and shadow; a combination of the mental, physical, and spiritual plus all the goop from the dark cellar of our psyches, all coming together to create a fragrant, stinking, steaming sumptuous human stew that is uniquely me, uniquely you. To bring all these elements, and the many elements within these elements, into conscious harmony, to become an integrated… Continue

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