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Even To Watch

Did God send me any invoice,

When I was a healthy human,

Created so fine,

And being able to do everything I wanted?

When I received inspirations,

To create,

Did he ever asked me a fee,

After a drawing of mine,

Or for any lines I wrote?

When I can breath,

When I can enjoy life,

When I have my wonderful son,

My trainees, my friends, my love, my family...

How can I ask money,

And for what?

When I received all… Continue

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In order to attain peace, we must first define peace.

Although the common definition of peace denotes the absence of war, true peace is a state of being. It is that state of tranquility qualified by the complete absence of conflict.

It is not a precarious lull between hostilities but an enduring existence void of friction.

It is not a finite alliance of mutual tolerance but the harmonious interplay of all factions in synchronous movement.

True peace… Continue

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Recurrent Features of the Cases of Children who claim to remember previous lives

By Dr. Ian Stevenson's book Reincarnation and Biology Vol I

Dr. Ian Stevenson has been the head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia.

"Each of the cases that I describe has individual strengths, and most have also some important weaknesses. I believe that the recurrence of certain features that are reported (in varying proportions in different… Continue

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Healing Wisdom 28 February

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."

~ Frederick Keonig

"To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind"

~ Theophile Gautier

The real power of appreciation comes after we develop the process of contemplation of our inner truth. Appreciation and admiration for all…

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The Time Will Come...

The Time Will Come…

Our Mother is getting weary of all the pollutants and toxins being poured into her waters and buried under her skin filling her with disease. The thoughtless raping of forests and lands through mining and tree harvesting is causing her to sigh and shake in sadness. The Spirit of our Mother needs to be nurtured and appreciated yet the people of this world treat her as an inanimate object to be salvaged and sold in pieces… Do you treat your Mother this… Continue

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Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness

To choose art as a way of life is sometimes a harsh way of meeting the world which often receives you with a lot of raised eyebrows. Still, it is a rich world; a world where you harvest richly from experiences, free of forced barriers and boundaries .

In a cosmic consciousness, I see enlightened truth, love and peace. Or should I say empowered with love and peace as a guidance, the truth becomes noble and full of light, something to reach… Continue

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healing heat

white Golden glow - Suns filtering a warmth of feeling -

Rays, Divine push my heart reeling

Into the realms of pure desire,

Within,remnants of Ice and Fire -

suns swallow up the rains of past.

The gentle/violent tomes that last

Like wounds upon our ruptured Heart,

Warmth needed for Gaea to part.

Bask within the warmth and heat,

Cold and surrender to defeat.

Place your foot upon the… Continue

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A Planet on the Brink: Economic Crash Will Fuel Social Unrest

A Planet on the Brink: Economic Crash Will Fuel Social Unrest

By Michael T. Klare

The global economic meltdown has already caused bank failures, bankruptcies, plant closings, and foreclosures and will, in the coming year, leave many tens of millions unemployed across the planet. But another perilous consequence of the crash of 2008 has only recently made its appearance: increased civil unrest and ethnic strife. Someday, perhaps, war may follow.

As people lose… Continue

Added by P.K on February 28, 2009 at 12:41pm — 4 Comments

The Summer Knows... a small glimpse of my newest project.

Here is a small glimpse of my new LE GRAND LOVE project. Celebrating the great works of the French composer Michel Legrand. Peaceful vibes - lovely… Continue

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THE ESSENCE - Playlist - March 1st 2009



Playlist MARCH 1, 2009

show # 68


5 hours weekly - Sundays - worldwide

Kara Johnstad - Hurried Nights

Barbara Carroll - That Face

Mehmet Ergin - Rumeli Passing

Tina Malia - Sound Of The River

Sijano Vodjani - Geshela's Prayer

Cyril Morin - Five Elements

Kara Johnstad - Open up and Receive

Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas - Ferryman's Tale

Gilles Guerif -… Continue

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We Created the Concept of TIME, the I AM MOMENT IS IN THE PRESENT, wake up LOST SOUL NOW!

A lot of words and many truths, but KISS, keep it Simple Stupid.

Our Individual Spirit/Soul, YOU, need to be in the moment, The I AM, Feeling The Heart&Soul of Great Spirit within the TRUE YOU,...

You KNOW, Our Consciousness created Time from Observation...And is an Earth Time, not Mars, Venus, etc.

SEEING the Earth spin around, darkness to light, the Flatland believers found the Earth was Round, and it took… Continue

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EARTH CHALLENGE.. What's the best Eco Initiative in the world...Can you guess it?


Imagine if the skin on our bodies was covered with permanent fibre glass in places and couldn't breathe. How would we feel?

Suffocated? Uncomfortable?

We can very easily take for granted that our whole body is a living breathing organism and forget that our skin is breathing too - not just our nose..

Well, what about our Earth? What about all the paved, tarred and concreted areas where the Earth, where the soil is just unable to breathe. How… Continue

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Traductor en línea - Online Translator



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Saami Music - Musique du peuple Saami - Música Saami

SAAMI: English, Français, Español

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Klezmer Music - Musique Klezmer - Modo Klezmer

KLEZMER: English, Français, Español

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8000 Drums

Dear Sacred Drummers,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All the First Nations, Indigenous Peoples and Humanity

We invite you to join your sacred drumbeat into the Grand Ceremony of the 8,000 Sacred Drums on March 21st, 2009 (10 am to 12 noon CST from Mexico City) that will take place in the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Nation and in many locations around the world to aid in the healing of Mother Earth and our Peoples.

We also invite you to come to Mexico for… Continue

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My Prayer for Peace & the Healing of the Mother Earth

My prayer for peace and the healing of the Mother Earth is that all who pray also put their hands, minds, resources and hearts into doing real deeds that will make the visions into realities.

That all people see and know the needs around them, and apply themselves to the solutions to the problems we face, coming together as one human family/tribe to co-create world peace and the healing of the Mother Earth.

I pray…

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The only way for anyone to find true peace is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the "Prince of peace" spoken of in Isaiah 9:6.

In this world we will have tribulation. That's for certain no matter how hard we try to have peace. Each one of us needs to find the only one who can help. His name is Jesus. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have eternal life. God loves each one of us more than I can… Continue

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