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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Let your past go

Release unhappy past experiences

The faster you let go of the past, the faster the new can come forth and your light is needed to shine on the earth plane at this time. You are not a sum total of past events, you are a beautiful being of love and light who came to the earth to share your light and be a beacon to light the way for others to see.



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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Stay Optomistic

Keep your thoughts positive

Your dreams will come true if you keep your focus, drive and determination focused on the final outcome. Fear not that it will mean an ending, as it will signify new beginnings in undreamed of ways. Ask your angels for direction and guidance as well as to buoy your courage and trust. We are always willing to be your angelic assistants.…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Energy Work

Your body is a remarkable energy field

You will positively respond to loving energy healing sessions. Archangel Raphael can be called upon at any time you feel you need some healing and he will gladly open up your hands and your heart to be activated with healing energy. You are a healer and it is natural for you to want to make things run…


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Voce é fogo eu sou paixão_Sidnei Piedade

          Quero abraçar seu corpo inteiro e banhar na fonte da sua pureza, saciando minha sede neste desejo que me alucina. Seu jeito de ser me cativou, pois és meu desejo e grande amor. O coração apaixonado é como o orvalho caindo para molhar uma flor...pois toda mulher nasce pra morrer…

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Move To South Portland Maine

Dear Everyone

    We managed a move in a surprisingly short time (five months).  I'm successfully moved into a room at E St, South Portland thanks to my higher powers and parents and relatives who supported us financially.  I enjoy most of the residents who are mentally or physically challenged in some way but are wonderful people.  

    I enjoyed my first three AA meetings at the noon time men's group, although they cuss too much for my taste.  There's cute guys there but…


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Christmas 2011

Dear Everyone

   Christmas was terrific despite not getting as many presents as I'd hoped, and some changes in plans that were last minute.  For an alcoholic that's hard to deal with (being out of control).  I didn't drink though.  I enjoyed spending time with my brother, his wife and my 3 year old niece.  They were visiting from Irvine CA.  

   We had Christmas early because of their visit.  I got a Pema Chodron…


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This Beautiful Place

This Beautiful Place

Remind me, why

I love this beautiful place

Where we are all of the spirit

The guidance and love

Draw me closer to you

With every breath that I take

Know that same air

Is yours as I wake

Be the one I fore sake

My dreams of clarity

As your…


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digital art ( JPG-files for printing 150 pixels/inch ) w300/h300cm.


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Golden Opportunitites

Important doors are opening

We are always at your side, supporting and guiding you through doors of opportunity. Ask for us to light your way and it will be enlightened. Your dreams will occur when you keep your focus on the desired outcome. If you are unclear, set your intention to have more clarity and direction. Spend some time setting what is important to you…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Light

Focus your light on your desired outcome

As your light becomes stronger and clearer, a happy outcome will happen in the very near future. Ask your angels to fill you with more light, for it contains spiritual information and wisdom. These are keys to the Universe and bring love and peace, as well as unlocking the wisdom within you.


Let your light shine…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Introduction & Chapter I – Homeworld

The Bookcast

I was more than surprised this morning when I googled the terms “bookcast” and “bookcasting.” I had imagined that what I was expecting to see in the results would have been common practice in this day and age, and yet I actually saw very little of what I had in mind. Moreover, I couldn't find entries for the words in Wikipedia, nor in the Wiktionary. In fact, this is the best definition I…


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Lilith’s Awakening

As a psychic and medium, Viktoria Nelson is accustomed to living within the paranormal realm as she assists the local police department and conducts private readings. But one day, when a young woman trailed by a dark presence visits her for a reading, Viktoria’s life takes an ominous turn—plunging her into a murder investigation that has the potential to change the world.

In a matter of hours, Viktoria is in a race against time…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Patience

Relax and let the process unfold

When you set your sights on a goal, sometimes it feels that things are not happening fast enough for you. Your angel guidance is to relax, and enjoy the steps along the way. Savour the moments of satisfaction and joy like a fine meal that took so long to prepare. Infuse love into each step for this enhances the flavour of any project,…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Emotions

Let your emotions heal

This enables you to open your self and your heart to greater love. Ask your angels to help you dissolve any feelings of anger, resentment, regret, unforgiveness, worry, sorrow and any other emotion that needs to be transition into another state of energy. See the gift that lives within each experience for it is always there. Ask your angels to…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Caution

Take your time

Proceed with care. There is no need to hurry. Take your time and look deeper and explore all the potential possibilities. When you feel you have a firm foundation in which to build from, that is when it is best to proceed. When you ask for guidance, it is always given. Take the time to listen and converse with your angels as we can show you the many…


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One more effort

Hope Development has started a new fund raiser project to help our humanitarian services in Pakistan. We hope this new fund raising project will cause funds to grow far beyond our expectations. Hope Development has created a new Food Cart called the LUNCH BOX to serve the best quality cooked foods to the students in the college students in the near Faisalabad college areas. Each food cabin will cost HDO $1250 to start. Your encouragement and donations or funds will certainly make a…

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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Empower

It is safe for you to be powerful

You are powerful and you know how to be powerful in loving ways that benefits others as well as yourself. Be your powerful self with compassion. Learn, study and then teach others how you have learned to work with your power in the earth realm. Let the angels guide you to your current purpose and help you through this…


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World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice: The People’s Revolution is On the March

Rene Wadlow*


         The United Nations General Assembly, on the initiative of Nurbch Jeenbrev, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the U.N. in New York, has proclaimed 20 February as the “World Day of Social Justice” .The World Day of Social Justice gives us an opportunity to take stock of how we can work together at the local, national and global level on…


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Detach from the Drama

Surround situations with a loving light

As you expand and heal yourself and become lighter and more sensitive to your environments, you will find that you are more receptive to the emotions of others and therefore feel this energy in a different way. Since humans evolve at different rates, there is usually a variety of issues and dramas taking…


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