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Day 61 of the Season For Nonviolence: "Peace"

Greetings, family!

Today is Tuesday, March 31, DAY 61 of the Season For Nonviolence. The thought for today is PEACE.

“Practice watering seeds of joy and peace and not just seeds of anger and violence, and the elements of war in all of us will be transformed,” says Thich Nhat Hanh. You water seeds of anger and violence by deciding to stay angry and act violently. You water seeds of joy and peace by deciding to be peaceful, no matter what is happening to you. Peace does not… Continue

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Poetry at it's Best: All that is natural through the Depths of Darkness to find the Light within.

The time is a sense of what the darkness brings us.
It is not of the Darkness that all will come to see.
It is to seek what we fail to feel that is within.
It is within that we shall find what we seek.
It is time to seek for the light within your Darkness.
Go into all things that are natural within you.
It is then you will find that Light.

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NEW!! noyouyesme VS. the Celebrants Live DVD is NOW AVAILABLE!!

NEW!! noyouyesme VS. the Celebrants Live DVD Featuring the Live Drawing Skills of John C. Worsley Now Available!!$12!! @PAYPAL

VS-DVD cover

Thats right!! We recorded the show!!!Not just a bootleg either...Ryan Olson from morphed… Continue

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Teach This

Einstein said "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."

Why don't school lessons on Einstein, relativity, mass-energy equivalence, genius, etc. include discussion of this quote?

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Love is keeping me alive!

I just have to make an attempt to express the love I feel for my amazing, beautiful girlfriend, Charlotte x x x

We've been together just over a year and I never thought I would feel so much love for one person, and genuinely love them over anyone or anything else! We've been through a lot of tough times together in the space of a year, but I love her more than I ever have! I am just trying to share the love and happiness she has given me with everyone I meet, because she has changed… Continue

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Flower Power

A reminder of PEACE!!!

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If we are unable to let go of yesterday, how can we expect to live within today?

In peace,

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NBO and Humanists make joint statement on G20

Here is a joint statement from NBO (Network of Buddhist Organisations UK) and British Humanist Association:

On the occasion of the visit of G20 Leaders for their London Summit on 2 April, the Network of Buddhist Organisations and the British Humanist Association have issued the joint statement below. Largely based on a similar statement organised by Archbishop Rowan Williams, it demonstrates, in the words of Hanne Stinson, BHA's Chief Executive, 'that you do not have to believe in a… Continue

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Being the Essence of The 5th Dimension ~ Valuing Your Vibration

Seven Hearts by Jim Warren

Last week we talked about the ascension process. We learned to raise our vibration by choosing 5D responses over the automatic pre-conditioned reactions we typically have for 3D dilemmas. We came to understand we ARE powerful enough to create our own reality. This week we'll talk… Continue

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The Book of Love

I have just finished reading Kathleen McGowan's sequel to "The Expected One",

"The Book of Love".

Kathleen has a wonderful talent for weaving truth and fiction into a web of suspense and intrigue.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is further nourishment for the soul, giving us detailed excerpts from the Gospel written by Jesus' own hand.

A fitting follow up to the previous Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Hopefully the Way of Love will grow and grow, so…

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Day 60 of the Season For Nonviolence: "Witnessing"

Greetings, family!

Today is Monday, March 30, DAY 60 of the Season For Nonviolence. The thought for today is WITNESSING.

“We are each other’s bond,” writes poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Those who practice nonviolence cannot close their eyes to injustice or cruelty. We are here to be a witness for justice and compassion. Those who practice nonviolence look at injustice or cruelty and know that it is possible for the situation to be different. You can stand up for truth by your… Continue

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فتيات غزة و الخيار الصعب الجامعة ..أم الانخراط في سوق العمل والزواج ؟

فتيات غزة و الخيار الصعب الجامعة ..أم الانخراط في سوق العمل والزواج ؟

تاريخ النشر : 2009-03-30

القراءة : 1633

غزة – دنيا الوطن-إياد عبدالكريم العبادلة

نحن في بداية القرن الواحد و العشرين تواجهنا الكثير من التساؤلات المرتبطة بمتغيرات الحياة المتسارعة من حولنا و بالطبع فإن الشباب هم أكثر أفراد المجتمع تحملا للمسؤولية و التحديات المستقبلية و بلا شك باتت المسؤولية هذه مضاعفة بالنسبة للفتيات التي سيصبحن أمهات الأجيال القادمة و اليوم في الظروف… Continue

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Craving and Bondage

Ekta Bathija sent a message to the members of ART OF LIVING - Daily sutras and Knowledge sheets!

Subject: {Daily Sutra} Subject: Craving and Bondage

The craving for sense objects is bondage. Their existence seems to have given you a little pleasure, so it binds you. Now you crave for it, and it gives you more and more pain.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Healing Wisdom 30 March

"He who wears a mask cannot see within himself."
~ Unknown

"The virtue of authenticity is that it doesn't change in the course of time."…

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Human Declaration

To change the Earth and to access to happiness ,


This statement, respects and then diffuse.

Of my next, ever, I do recognize which could restrain his freedom of conscience.

From human, born or unborn, I will respect the chances of survival, rights and freedom of movement.

I recognize his right to a personal income and keeping the hope to find happiness

Of the world which I share the fate, I to protect the…

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Infinity exists even in the instance of a single ‘now’; where even time itself falls away.

In peace,

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Khamsynn Cardinal Synn aka Spike

Spike my soul mate.

I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with many animals, some have been easier to live with than others but all have taught me so much.

Spike was a true King amongst us. He went through his life with never a bad thought in his head, he loved all he meet and all who meet him loved him too.

He was a free spirit, he never did what he was told, but he never did anything wrong either, that is if you… Continue

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¡¡Campaña de Apoyo a Damnificados, Refugiados y Marginados Sociales en Pobreza Extrema!! /Campaign of Support had Damaged, Refugees and Social Extreme Poverty!!

Queridos Hermanos Todos UNO:

Les pido, con el Corazón en la Mano, que Abran su Corazón Fraterno y que Atiendan, que escuchen mi humilde petición, que dirijo a su Corazón Despierto al Amor a Nuestra Sagrada Madre Tierra y a la Conciencia Galáctica, que nos dicta que Todos los Seres Somos Uno en Dios Mismo Madre-Padre.

Ustedes saben que estamos viviendo Ya, Ahora mismo, el Apocalipsis General del Sistema Civilizatorio. Lo que viene a partir del…

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Saltwater Buddha Film

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Living My Purpose~

I try to get around to all the wonderful places of peace on the web that I can find.

But that takes up a lot of time and I am already a busy critter anyway.

I figured I could share what I am up to and leave some of my crumbs and you can pick which on to investigate.

I have some pretty interesting things to share and I hope you enjoy it.

Many people have a number that seem to appear more often than not. For me, that number is 11:11.

Funny thing about… Continue

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