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Actually, who desires a war?

When we melt together and match together in a current of loving and caring comprehension, nobody would desire or even need a war. I just entered iPeace, but that's my understanding.
A song for you!:
With love and friendlinees.

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Places and Faces. From California...to Umbria (Italy)

Tomorrow I will be having a photography show here in Italy. It will be my very first show that is not the collection of photographs from China. It is the first time I will show photos that are large - in centimeters they are 50x70 and up to 70x100.

The theme of the show is something that I am interested in - here on iPeace and off: that is getting people from different countries together. Getting to know each other. Opening up to who is… Continue

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Twitter-ific, Twitter-Inspired

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.

~ Winston Churchill

I have to say I have been truly amazing and inspired by the world that is Twitter! While it often takes a lot of time and upkeep and yes, many of the tweets often feel like bombardments of sales pitches, it is well worth the time and energy put in.

Over the last few weeks, I have had calls with people I have connected with on and through Twitter and I have been completely… Continue

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I Love You

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We Touch the Sky

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Last Wolf...by LonelySoul

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Children need peace and I am child.

I need peace and I am special.

I'm special

I'm special.

In the entire world there is nobody like me.

Since the beginning of time,

there has never been another person like me.

Nobody has my smile.

Nobody has my eyes,

my nose, my hair, my hands, my voice.

I'm special.

Nobody anywhere has my taste for food,

or music, or art.

No-one sees… Continue

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"BECOMING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF"... from Archangel Michael Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Message from Archangel Michael

August 2009 * LM-8-2009


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, the great drama of the present era is swiftly coming to a close. Every soul on Earth is in the midst of a major transformation process regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. The precious souls who are still stuck in the limitations of the third- and fourth-dimensional illusion are having a difficult time… Continue

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THE RISING------Feminine Energy

THE RISING------Feminine Energy

"Your whole era, your whole Earth is geared to that at this moment, and that is one of the changes of this New Age. It is called the arising of the Goddess. It is not just in woman, it is also in man."

~ P'taah... Transformation of the Species

At the beginning of every major turning point in human history, a new energy washes over our planet to bring about change. We are now leaving the age of Pisces, which has lasted some… Continue

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heart to heart; life to life; peace rise from within

Thank you beautiful and loving HUman Beings for this wonderful train....

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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages and written on Peace begins at Home.....Sadly my mam passed away on 11th July, so I haven't really been catching up with my ipeace or any other of my web pages.

I will hopefully get back into the swing of things soon...in love & light xx

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Bowl of Saki...

If only we could recognize the inner voice, we would see that the different scriptures all contain words spoken by one and the same voice. Some hear the voice, others only hear the words, just as in nature some see only the branches and others the roots of the tree; but all these different scriptures and ways of worship and of contemplating God are given for one purpose: the realization of unity. In unity resides the happiness and illumination of man, and his guidance in life. We all know unity… Continue

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The Music Of Poligraf : Juggernaut part 2

(Ratha Yatra Festival in Puri, India / Painting by James Fergusson)

Juggernaut. Lots to say about this one. Make sure your seat is confortable...

I’ve started the writing for this singular piece on November…


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Dr Steven Greer

I am not sure about this man anymore as I have heard unpleasant things about the way he conducts himself, but what he has to say is still interesting.

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Bob Dean

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Free Energy............ Brian O'Leary

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Cashless Society

I foresee cashless living when cash is no longer a medium of energy exchange for a living. For all his needs, man merely visits a store and brings home materials for himself and his family. All eco-balanced manufacturing and organic farming is done without involving money. All ingredients needed for such activities are available on just carry home basis since the idea of cash does not exist. Schools, colleges and all higher education are available freely to mankind. There are no boundaries not… Continue

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Maya people

There is a very interesting recording on this page, well worth spending your time listening to.



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found this free documentaries site

just watched this one, it was great. many more


they have short commercials during viewing just like "real tv", but they're short.

anyway, thought i'd pass that on.


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THE ESSENCE SHOW - August 2, 2009 , Episode 79

News: **Premiere Ladies of Swing at the Rheingau Music Festival on August 8th, 2009 is sold out!*

***September 18th and 19th Kara is performing LE GRAND LOVE at the A.trane Jazz Club in Berlin. Tickets Onsale. Limited seating. Order now! **


**** Exciting News: Kara is executive producer for THE 3rd GLOBAL VORTEX COMPILATATION DOUBLE DISC ALBUM - THE ESSENCE

Interested artists please contact me via email.

. Selection will be made fall 2009. Release date… Continue

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