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I gave birth today. I conceived at 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, labored for three hours, and birthed at 2 PM (1400). Oh, there were some post-partum convulsions (called editing revisions, I think), but I basically collapsed, exhausted, at two in the afternoon, spent, drained.

I had seen an article in the local advertising newspaper (which I rarely read) at breakfast. It grabbed my attention, and I started speculating on it to my husband, who scoffed. I built on my thoughts, silly as… Continue

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La Nouvelle Révolution Humaine (extrait)

« Si nous voulons devenir des êtres humains remarquables, capables d’engendrer une riche floraison d’humanité et de gloire dans notre vie, il est absolument vital que nous nous enracinions solidement et que nous nous développions là où nous vivons. C’est en nous éveillant à notre mission de Bodhisattvas sortis de la Terre que nous établirons cette base solide.

La Terre appartient à tous les êtres humains, sans aucune exception. Elle revitalise tous les êtres humains, quelles que… Continue

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Celine et Ginette Reno -Un peu plus haut

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new freind neverland

The help come in just the right tim people wher in shortige of basic needs when we arived . Anpackt ouer eqipment the drash tant hardigg and peli case and kichen. medic jump in right in to look the people of the vilige and surunding areo from childre elderle and pregnant women . Me and my group look around for trubel some luters and ader low life made more deficelt for this people ther life we take care that part and chast them ovey or put them in righ placein jail . After thet we helpt in… Continue

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Dead sea scrolls

I write a book in french about a scroll and i search a editor thanks a lot :)

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Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. against the Vietnam War. Audio.

This speech was released by Black Forum records, a subsidiary of Motown, and went on to win a Grammy in 1970 for the Best Spoken Word Recording.

Excerpts of a Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967.…


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I find it somewhat uncomfortable to start this composition, having never had a blog before. I suppose I find all new beginings to be difficult; just part of my nature. Other people plunge in, exuberantly, enthusiastically, bravely, unthinkingly, with ease. I am the one standing at the water's edge, nervously testing the water, afraid of the sudden shock to my system.

Almost everyone I've spoken with during the past few decades has encouraged me, "Oh, you should write! You are so good… Continue

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Mon site web

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I feel the peace inside me that grow around me :)

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My Reality Show

The reality shows phenomenon has spread through out the global media like a raging bush fire. An astronomical number of viewers follow such shows with great enthusiasm. When I observe such behaviour I ask the reason why such a large number of viewers follow such a “reality” show. But is it a “reality” show? Is it a “reality” because they select people from the street and put them in front of a camera? Is it a “reality” because there is no script? The experience shared by the participants is it… Continue

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This is a piece I wrote about freedom...


Dicen que se puede vivir sin ti,

que sin ti pueden crecer los niños,

que las auroras siguen encendiendo sus luces

y siguen siendo hermosos los ocasos.

Dicen que sin ti el aire es el mismo,

que los pájaros siguen trinando alegremente,

que las rosas siguen floreciendo,

y el aroma de las flores, deleitándonos.

Dicen que sin ti hasta las cúspides se…

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Hunger for Now

hunger lives a passionate paradigm.

hunger, beyond life-giving-food

is passionate desire. It

burns, builds, overwhelms, and consumes.

it rises and motivates to action a

fleeting, beating, heart-racing, pacing,

then is satisfied and

recedes to another time

wasteful, life-eating apathy reigning

before it burns and consumes again.

a hunger is personal, self-absorbed.

too often obsessive.

too often regressive.

I… Continue

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Love's Polarity

a spirit abandoned and crying for help

pierced with rotten thoughts and stinkin’ thinkin’

scarred with negative nasty love wounds

drunk on bitterness and fatal futility

a demeanor demanding both disgust and compassion

a fickle malodorous black bubble gum heart

pumping perilous painful acid through armored veins

her history reads like a battlefield war zone

this thorn on the stem of a lovely rose

flawed with conflicted chaotic imbalance

looking… Continue

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Truth Lies

truth lies wherever we surmise

truth is weak and easy to tweak

truth is illusive for those who are abusive

truth is power for those in a tower

truth is not why wars are fought

truth is subjective and rarely an objective

truth and deception may get the same reception

truth is useful when it’s needful

truth manipulators are rarely consolators

truth gives fits to political pundits

truthful admissions are not for politicians

truthless people… Continue

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Glorious Symbol of Peace

Onto this gray and blue earth comes violent life-affirming weather. Into our lives a gray, wet symbol of dreary and sad emotions, of introspection, of reverent awe, and of humble recognition of our true tiny role in the cosmos.

Above this green and sparkly earth, driven by our yellow/white sun’s light and rain in joyous harmony together comes an optical phenomena, an ethereal arc of light refracted through water droplets. A magical floating spectrum chandelier made of tiny crystals… Continue

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