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Water nourishes

The hungriest of soil

Fills the sap

Of tallest trees

Water released

Through the clouds

Pours energy into me

Water comprises

Most of my body

Water covers

Most of the earth

For what is life without water

A desert?

What is my soul without rain


Water cleanses me

No matter how dirty I am

Water quenches my thirst

No matter how thirsty

Water heals me

No matter… Continue

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We stood at the airport


The moment was near

That I would fly away

And we would never

See each other again

Your face

The image of you waving goodbye

Tears flowing down your cheeks

As I turned to look at you

One last time

Languishes in my memory

The way only foreign things can

The pain of leaving a place

You know you can never fully understand

As an outsider

And yet

It is somehow part of me… Continue

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Help for Meditation or Retreat Center

Hi every one i have bben teaching,praying,meditating and still fell need to do more. Many people needs the help and due to many circumtances some cant afford the things he was willing.Like Retreat center. I am not a famous and well known lama so i can have a many dharma friends today what i have gain frens followers are from this lovely Buddhist Community site. I am from remote village of nepal far from city and many facilities but peaceful… Continue

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Doorway into the Now

Doorway into the Now

by Gina Lake @

..The present moment is where we meet our true Self. It is where we can discover who we really are. The Self resides and abides in the present moment, not in some thought about the future or the past or even the present. Who we really are is not who we think we are. Who we really are has nothing to do with thinking and everything to do with not thinking. It is in not thinking that we can experience the present… Continue

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I'm not sure how to activate this so paste this address into your browser...

Sage Rain and the Knoxville, Tennessee CHALK4PEACE Team made a video of their event. You Tube, of course!
What an inspiration! Thanks for CHALKING ON!

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loving-kindness-positive attitude

One translation of the Buddha teachings on loving kindness reads, in part, as follows:

"This is what should be done

By one who is skilled in goodness,

And who seeks the path of peace:

Let them be able and upright,

Straightforward and gentle in speech.

Humble and not conceited,

Contented and easily satisfied.

Unburdened with duties and frugal in their ways.

Peaceful and calm, and wise and skillful,

Not proud and demanding in nature

Let… Continue

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I will be this Tomorrow in Mi Pueblo TV Channel 212. IN THE MORNING TV SHOW “Buenos Dias"

I will be this Tomorrow in Mi Pueblo TV Channel 212. IN THE MORNING TV SHOW “Buenos Dias" Hosted by Elizabeth & Luis Cost at 9 AM turn ON the TV to see me in the Morning Love yah Sheenah

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World March starts in less that 3 days

I am sure all here are well aware..but thought I would remind all and tell any new members

Please can all members join and endorse this World March for Peace and Non Violence. And email all your friends to do the same.

I have registered and endorsed the March

So join your own countries leg of the March..

The main website will direct you to your local events and organisers

go to...

It is in many languages so just… Continue

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Jamás te permitas… ¡¡¡perder tu dignidad de ser mujer!!!!!

Jamás permitas que tu corazón sufra en nombre del amor, amar es un acto de felicidad, no de sufrimiento….

Jamás permitas que tus ojos derramen lágrimas por alguien que nunca te hará reir

Jamás permitas que tu cuerpo sea usado, es la morada de tu espíritu, mantenlo apreciado….

Jamás permitas quedarte horas esperando por alguien que nunca vendrá, aunque te lo tenga prometido…

Jamás permitas… Continue

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THE ESSENCE SHOW .- host Kara Johnstad - Ep. 82

Get your own playlist at!

Enjoy the latest episode of THE ESSENCE… Continue

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Turn Peace of Mind Into a Habit

Turn Peace of Mind Into a Habit

by Remez Sasson

..What do you prefer, a restless, agitated mind or peace of mind? Do you enjoy tension and mental unrest or do you prefer a calm and peaceful mind?

Peace of mind is conductive to better emotional and physical health, increased energy, stronger mental powers, improved memory and a better ability to learn and study. It also helps handling more efficiently the daily affairs of life, and stressful and difficult situations… Continue

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Prayer for world peace

On Peace Day, Monday September 21, I went to my local church where the women had gathered to be with the Lord, pray and light candles. I prayed a prayer for world peace. It was a beautiful… Continue

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33- It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun, and the moon; each of them floating in an orbit. (21-The Prophets, 33)


As one can see, every single word and suffix has been carefully selected. The Arabic equivalent of the expression “to float” is “sabaha.” Maurice Bucaille says the harmony of the movements of the sun,… Continue

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How to Trust Your Trust

How to Trust Your Trust

Ginny Grey


A quiet confidence. An inner certainty. A knowing deep within that all is well even though it may not appear so on the outside. Trust demands that we let go of fears, worry, doubt and despair which drag us down. Trust lifts us up to higher elevations where we see the bigger picture in life and know that things are happening for a reason in their own time and for our own benefit, if only we will believe this and not… Continue

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The cocoon breaks


This is my first entry in this space since joining many months ago. As I'm sure many of you can relate, those of us who are active in the peace movement are pulled in many directions. Raising children, folding laundry, going to work everyday, feeding the fish so they may live another day...these tasks often take precedence over our innate desire to 'be'. The desire to be ourselves that Kat so beautifully articulated with her poetry and song. But the time is ripe with energy for… Continue

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To all my new friends

I'm so excited being here because I so much need peace. I'm finding that peace thru Jesus and the many friends

I have encountered during this journey. It started 09/29 when I was told I had cancer, the world just seemed to have

stopped. I was overwhelmed and my emotions we're all over the place.I decided to seek peace it's not always easy

for me, you see I'm my own worst enemy. Last week I went back to the doctor just to be told I not only have anal cancer I also now have… Continue

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Here is my blog at Tibetan Life...enjoy!

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I have just received

"“i am felixpadua from the philippines.we're hit by a strong typhoon last weekend and a lot of places are flooded up to the rooftops. there are landslides in the mountainous areas. because of this, a lot of people died. and a lot of people are sick and hungry. please pray for us, my friends. please pray for us to recover fast from this tragedy. please forward this prayer request to your friends here in the… Continue

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