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PEACEfestUK Landing Site Needed

PEACEfestUK need some land to hold the first PEACEfestUK.

Connecting to the collective, networking PEACE…


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Poem on Tibet

The Red Stars Splashed Over Tibet

In 1940s,

Far from the east,

Wild flooded Hawang Ho splashed

The Red Stars

Like deadly blood

Over the peaceful meadows

Of the snow lion land,


Land of compassion

Aloof for ages,

With innocent descendants

Religious beliefs engulfed the

Harmless creatures

Blessed by ignorance of bliss,

Unknown to the world


Became the victim

Of the Red splashing… Continue

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Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom (R. Tagore)

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Dear You, as I'm writing everything in my own blog(s) I don't have so much time left to manage another one. but as they are in german language I will try from time to time to post the content here i…

Dear You,

as I'm writing everything in my own blog(s) I don't have so much time left to manage another one. but as they are in german language I will try from time to time to post the content here in iPeace in english.

So if you are interested in what I'm thinking and writing and you are able to understand german, here they are:

http://soulonearth.blogspot.com (< my own blog)

http://vivissimazeitgeist.blogspot.com (< my thoughts about future and trend… Continue

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New letter from Kenya

Dear people,

This message I got from mr. Johnstone in Kenya today:

Hi Hans,

Kapenguria 3 injured and arrested during police raid. Three people are admitted to Kapenguria district hospital after a police raid at Munyaka village at the Trans-Nzoia west-pokot border. The officers arrested four other people during an operation to seize illegal arms. Villagers claims the officers went from house to house beating and harassing them while demanding the surrender… Continue

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Opening Day Celebration: World Gratitude Gathering

Event Date: 01 OCTOBER 2008 Time: 12PM (NOON) EST

Public Session at WiZiQ

Message from WorldGratitude.com: Take a deep breath ... Use the mind's eye to look deeply within and connect with a vision, a calling, an urge to merge…

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No Bailout!

No Bailout!

by John Wilmerding

Prior to the illegal Iraq war, the USA was still floating on a global wave of sympathy following 9/11. The dollar fiat hegemony was intact, and the Afghanistan war had not yet damaged the economy.

But laws of economic equilibrium had begun to come into sway.

Following the collapse of the Soviet empire, laws of economics say that the one on the other side of the globe should also have scaled down. But it didn't. Instead, it… Continue

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Peace through our right brain ?

What an amazing experience : a neurologist who got a stroke that occasionned a complete turn in her perception of human life & spirituality.A must see for the strengh of Inspiration she shares with us.

Check it on :



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New Documentary on the Tibetan Freedom Struggle - now available on DVD

"Tibet's Cry for Freedom" is a new documentary that was inspired by the desire to raise awareness of the Tibetan freedom struggle around the world. The main aim of the documentary is to reach mainstream audiences - audiences that would otherwise not be involved or who know little about the issue of Tibet. Filmed over 12 months in Tibet, Beijing, India and Australia, the documentary features exclusive interviews with the Dalai Lama, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche, Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng,… Continue

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World Economic Crisis: An Analysis

There is something clearly wrong in the economic system of the world today and it is the most vulnerable who are having to pay the price. Since the start of 2006, the average world price for rice has risen by 217 percent, wheat by 136 percent, maize by 125 percent and soybeans by 107 percent, (according to a Wikipedia entry on 2007-2008 world food price crisis). These price hikes have sparked a wave of protests around the world: from Haiti to Kenya to Indonesia to Egypt and Ivory… Continue

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Os índios Aymara, que habitam há séculos as margens do lago Titicaca, nos Andes, defendem a necessidade de sete diferentes tipos de paz.

A primeira é para dentro de si.

Consigo próprio,

na saúde do corpo,

na lucidez da mente,

no prazer do seu trabalho,

na correspondência dos seus amores.

Sem paz consigo,

você não está em paz.

A segunda é para cima.

Com o espírito de seus antepassados,

com a vontade de Deus.

Se você não está… Continue

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Open mind to differences

Just as the fruit and the sap of a tree nourishes the tree, the leaves of the tree purify the atmosphere and the wood of the tree provides shelter for our bodies. Understanding these things is the beginning of the journey.This nourishment and shelter providing object is sufficient in itself, to the common person, interested only in what is it and what does it do for him. Having found nourishment and shelter for his body, and cleansing for his atmosphere, his journey seems… Continue

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Torna-me puro como a água e alto como o céu.

Que não haja lama nas estradas dos meus pensamentos nem folhas mortas nas lagoas dos meus propósitos. Faz com que eu saiba amar os outros como irmãos e servir-te como a um pai.

Minha vida seja digna da tua presença. Meu corpo seja digno da terra, tua cama. Minha alma possa aparecer diante de ti como um filho que volta ao lar.

Torna-me grande como o Sol, para que eu te possa adorar em mim; e torna-me puro como a lua, para que eu te… Continue

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Current mood: optimistic

Untangle this world

Set it free

Uncover the voice of reason

And watch the world be

Blow away the dust of hatred

Of terror and war

Stop the flow of innocent blood

And watch the love pour

Thread the needle

Tie the string

Sew stitches of hope

Of faith we can bring

Do not close your eyes

It is not so bad

Unite, strengthen,… Continue

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The Dove Of Peace

~Don't Look Back~

As you travel through life

there are always those times

when decisions just have to be made

when the choices are hard,

and solutions seem scarce

and the rain seems

to soak your parade!

There are some situations

where all you can do

is to simply let go and move on

gather courage together

and choose a direction

that carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles

and take a step… Continue

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