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Dear Friends,

yesterday I received an email, through facebook, with a new "password". The mail contained a document with new data to be used for logging in. I ignored that, went to facebook, could not log in, changed my password through "forgot password?" and went to the helpdesk. Facebook never sends…


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Heavenly Peace (1)

This is an attempt to connect dots; like a graphic puzzle, drawing a line from one number to the next an image appears.

ìt's about how something that happened on the other side of the world touched me and motivated me to write about something outside myself.

Even though apparently the goal was not reached in'89 a seed was planted - if it die...

This blog is also about how a plan (Ï want to be a musician") would open up…

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01 heavenly peace final mix.mp3 This track was made with soundfragments from the BBC Hong Kong doc "The Gate Of Heavenly Peace".

The Mothers of Tienanmensquare are on Face Book: I'm a fan! Join the Mothers Of T.Square!

A blog concerning the impact of 6489 on my life will follow… Continue

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to David Califa & All Members of iPEACE,

have waited a while before presenting myself; wanted to take in the atmosphere on iPeace. It was a surprise, to land on these pages right in the middle of a fiery discussion on President Obama's Nobel Award.

Pro's and contra's battled passionately, it was… Continue

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