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It's none of your business what anyone thinks of you

“It’s none of your business what anyone thinks of you”, Love Who You are With Pride!

A bold statement I know but a very true statement. A statement that I have begun to truly live my life by, because why would it be your business what anyone else thinks of you?

We spend our whole lives worrying about what others think. It affects our whole reality from what we wear to what we say and even sometimes what we choose to do with our lives in regards to education or even… Continue

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Find Your Passion and Stick To It!

Life brings with it so much opportunity, so many directions and so many interesting people. But which opportunity, direction or person do you choose? How do you know? When is the right time to do the right thing, to make that decision to choose passion over your current situation which may be very comfortable and provide you with the means to survive financially? What do we choose, how do we choose it and when do we know?

I believe that we all inherently know the answers. That from… Continue

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What do you choose? Memoirs of Celebrate Your Life, Chicago

It has been three days since I left the amazing Celebrate Your Life Event in Chicago. As I departed I left an old piece of me there and brought with me a new amazing spirit, a spirit more full of love, joy and light than ever before. I am changed and now choose to…

“Shine like the sun for I am radiant beam of unlimited potential” Shayne Traviss

My journey to Celebrate Your Life Chicago began several… Continue

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Practice a Compassionate Life!

Practice a Compassionate Life!

“Feel the pain of others. Understand their strengths and disappointments their hardships and inadequacies and open your heart to them. Realize that everyone is doing the best they possibly can. Judge no one. But rather, cradle all humanity in your heart.”

My Friends,

One of the most important things I have practiced in my life is Compassion. Compassion for every person I meet, from a street person begging for money to a wealthy… Continue

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Ok as most of you know me I am always pumped up, full of energy and on cloud nine the majority of the time. I love to embrace life with the most positive and amazing attitude and embrace everything to its full potential and experience. However; sometimes I get sad, real sad and I want all of you to know that it is ok to be sad sometimes.

Sadness is just another feeling. A feeling that we should embrace, let in, feel, analyze and then… Continue

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Fun Factor!

Good day my friends,

It is such a beautiful day today! The sun is shining, it’s warm, people are smiling and the little creatures are chasing each other around with such playful fun. Full of love, life and most of all Fun. That’s the key!

Since I have been a little boy I have always been so full of love, life, laughter and Fun! If it isnt fun, what’s the point?

As I started to “Grow Up” things seemed to become less fun and more work. I had to get up when I didn’t want… Continue

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Life is amazing, experience it!

Through the last few months of my life I have learned so much. I guess you could use the widely used term that I have “awakened” or in other terms I have begun to remember what life is, what it is about and that everything is life is about the experience and what an amazing experience it has been.

As some of you may know from my previous writings life wasn’t easy for Shayne. I have been through many tribulations and through these tribulations have come my greatest triumphs. The… Continue

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Celebrate Your Life with Me!

Celebrate Your Life with Me!

I am very excited to announce that there is another opportunity to attend an absolutely amazing weekend event coming up in June!! Join me as I travel to Chicago (a mere 2 hour flight) for the Celebrate Your Life conference on June 5 – 7, 2009.

After returning from my last conference experience in Toronto, I began to scout out other similar and inspiring events. I found the Celebrate Your Life conference… Continue

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Conversations with God?

Posted on April 19th, 2009 by shayne

Yes my firends I am talking about God!

We all know the word and through religion or spirituality we all have a preconcieved thought of what God is, or at least what we think it is.

Is it male, is it female? Is it all loving? Does it promote fear? Does it only love some? Does it promote hate, prejuduce or discrimination?

The answer to all these questions is… Continue

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As I sit here at my desk thinking about the “old me”, or in other words the “me” before I discovered that I was literally in my own way - by in my own way I mean I was the only one ever standing in the way of my life’s purpose or Dharma.

Every time I was asked what I wanted to do, I was ridden with total anxiety and fear. I had extremely low self esteem and was dealing with a deep depression. I thought that where I came from or my past limited my future potential or made me unworthy… Continue

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Special Thanks to Nancy & Chris from Hay House for making this all possible!

This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity of my journey so far. I was given the opportunity to meet and speak with the top Spiritual or “New Age” Guru’s of our time: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Brown, Colette Baron-Reid,… Continue

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