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Love is not yours not to give

Love is not yours not to give. It is God's, and it is against our own nature as beings of God not to let that love move through us. There are lots of words about things like this, but when you know it from experience, you are never the same. If you are humble enough to admit you don't know, then you will find a teacher. I've met a lot of "teachers" on my path, but most of them weren't the real thing. I now know what the real thing is, and my teacher is Mother Clare Watts. She doesn't teach… Continue

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Father Peter Bowes gives the elbow to the ribs of inner apathy!

Let's Get Started!

It is about time you took a thorough assessment of your life and stopped dancing around the fact that you have a lot of things to fix, clean up, take care of and change. What are you waiting for. Do something...

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A message about Spring by Master Teacher Father Peter Bowes

Spring Has Sprung

The powerful energies that come into the Earth at this Spring time quicken the planet with vitality and life. Everything is moving and life infuses leaves and flowers unfolding a magnificent pageantry of nature budding and blossoming. People are motivated to start cleaning and organizing, removing clutter and making room for the new. If you respond to this incredible force unleashed in the Earth at this time by the powers of the Sun, you will feel the lift and elevation… Continue

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The Peace of Dying (to your own particularities, wants, old sadness, hurts, cobwebs, etc.)

This is Lent and for my community of Christian Mystics, it is a time of letting go of all that keeps us separate from God within/out. One thing that becomes clearer and clearer to me as I deepen on this path is that it is so much more peaceful when I let go of what I think I need, want, deserve, habitually crave, and feel entitled to and I just let God "have me," trusting completely that I am taken care of. When I do this, I feel God's love rush in to the place that is now open, and I am… Continue

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A direct experience of God for inner peace

There is a "cell" of pure God at the center of each of us, deep to the heart, right near the solar plexus. If you sit in quiet meditation and ask to feel God there and focus, you will experience it for yourself. For more on the direct experience of God, check out or and see what Master teacher Mother Clare Watts and Father Peter Bowes have to say. It is our path as Mystics to know God within and as ministers to share that with others,… Continue

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