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"The Dawning of Our Possibility"

"There are many issues that divide..We have to find the right ones that unite us..Or we all lose Our capacity to be able to be..The New Authors Writers and Agents of the very Change..We say we desire and seek..For this Day is "The Dawning of Our Possibility"..Daton O. Fullard 2009 This Piece is dedicated to all those who came before us..To give us a Vision of What We each can someday aspire to be..Their many names are written in the Library of My Blood and Soul..it is The very first page..Of… Continue

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"If I Could Be"

If I Could Be

If I could be thy light that shines

bright in your darkest night

If I could be thy hand needed to dry

your too many tears that you shall cry

If I could be thy answers to thy often

questions when you ask of me why

If I could be thy Joy when thy are fully

surrounded only by moments of sadness

If I could be thy courage to replace in you

all of my many moments of… Continue

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An Open Poem Dedicated To Mrs.Tatiana A. Kostanian

From Mrs.Tatiana A Kostanian... To You Daton

Sent 18 hours ago

Your kindness and generosity of words is warmly appreciated. I don't go far or have the privilege of meeting many in person. I do what I can do in pleading for life, justice, equality, no violence no excuse not to do our best, in the time we have left. I now know this all the more for I am on life support (dialysis) with no match. But no matter, we must always seek to do our best, speak our best and join together for the… Continue

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"The Hate Peddlers"

The Hate Peddler

He gives candy to the kids..When they go out to play

He gives money to the village women..As they all go

about their day..He teases and flirts with the teenage

girls..As they too fall victim to his enticing siren song..

He counsels all the young men..With muscles so virile

so anxious and strong..

He embraces all the Elders and ask them about their

needs..He hugs and kisses the… Continue

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When dry eyes can find no new tears..

When unhealthy bodies can find no

more years

When wars can find no more soldiers

to fight them

When Humanity has abolished all of its

reasons to embrace its fears

When we find enough love to replace

all of our hate

When we celebrate no borders between us

When we willingly refuse to capitulate

When we grasp destiny and choose to… Continue

Added by Daton O Fullard on January 6, 2009 at 12:24am — 1 Comment

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