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If I could fly my friend him ...

If I could fly like my friend,


And survey man’s dominion

I would feel a oneness

A harmony

And empathy

With life and mother nature;

Away from man’s

Demonic reasoning

And death deemed just

And dehumanizing

And I could tell my friend


I see the light, and feel the breeze

Of freedom in thought

And fancy

Of trainers with suits

And odd socks and caps

And tongue of many languages

And as we… Continue

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Feeling all confused and discombobulated .... if there ever was such a word and I got the spelling right!


No more no more, no more to war

That perverted twisted self defense

No more no more no more to hate

That evil that devours the soul

No more no more, no more to racism

That infamous tool of officialdom

that drives men mad

No more no more, no more to insanity

That forces a woman to give birth at a border

children to play with stones and cluster bombs

men young and old to strip in the street

and people everywhere to… Continue

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Make it so ...

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JORDAN TIMES: Winning the battle, losing moral high ground

Michael Jansen

For a second week I have decided to write about what I and a great many dedicated journalists are trying to do:report Israel’s latest war.

This has been the most difficult to describe and analyse, for journalists, because they have been excluded in their hundreds from the Gaza battlefield.With the exception of Al Jazeera’s Arabic and English teams, major media have been sitting… Continue

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Please help UNRWA

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Song for Gaza ... We Will Not Go Down by Michael Heart


This is a song of hope for the Palestinians in Gaza, composed and performed by Michael Heart Copyright 2009. http://www.michaelheart.com/

The song MP3 is available for download at:



A blinding flash of white light

Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight

People running for cover

Not knowing whether they're dead or alive

They came… Continue

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Farewell Friend

I don´t know what to do

Helpless and confused

as I take the call from her son

and fear and anguish


Too far too far away

to offer solace or support

too far too far away

to hold a hand dying, a heart


I know not what to do

to answer the taunts of anger

that cut like a knife through

the silence of the bleak


Unfair, unfair, unfair all around

She went too soon,

the… Continue

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Hello everyone

I just wanted to send out greetings to my new ipeace family ... for the little moments of unconditional friendship and for the peace of mind it all gives .... I no longer see a black hole on the horizon of our existence .... but many hands raised in harmony ... there is hope yet ...

A very special thank you to you all.

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I, Bedouin

Watching the documentary ‘Torfa’ about the life of a Bedouin woman of Petra, I felt a silent urge creep up on me; a yearning for the simple life. I surveyed my realm of consumerist pleasures within a comfortable home of beautiful limestone, and wondered why? Torfa had none of that. And yet she possessed an inner peace that was firmly rooted in her culture, that of Arab and Bedouin; possessing a bond with nature that I on the other hand, seem to have lost …. And as I watched her deftly spinning… Continue

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Shame on you Mr Powell!

This piece of poetry written by my husband Nabil in 2002, was in response to the irreverence shown to the US secretary of state Powell on his visit to Israel and his acceptance thereof! It is still relevant today, just substitute any name you would like in the place of Mr. Powell ... lots to chose from!

Shame on you Mr. Powell!

by Nabil Sawalha

We had hopes for you Mr. Powell!

When you joined the WASP’s big white family.

We hoped you’d be a different addition, a… Continue

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From One Mother to Another

After reading the speech to the European Parliament of Israeli peace activist and professor at Hebrew University, Nurit Peled Elhanan, in 2005, about the suffering of Palestinian women, I put my thoughts into this poem that I name:

From One Mother to Another:

She speaks not of muted tongue

Nurit Peled Elhanan:

But in the tongue of many languages

And I hear her loud and clear;

do you?

Or is it Babel all over again?

This time, she speaks… Continue

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The Vegetable Seller

Dear Friends, here is a piece of prose written in 2006 that is still relevant today ... but they are words 'across the gap' that may one day be filled with hope ....and I call it The Vegetable Seller:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" said Martin Luther King.

This statement appeared on my computer today; it happened to coincide with a visit from Issa, my vegetable seller.

Issa does not have a shop, a car, nor a regular supply of… Continue

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An Elder's Prayer for Peace

By Grandfather William Commanda

Inherent in the prayer of the Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island is the deep knowledge that we are all connected –my people in the east say GINAWAYDAGANUC. The prayer is a celebration of the profound knowledge that we are connected with the each other, as well as with the chief elements–Mother Earth, Water, Air and Fire–the animate and inanimate, the plants and animals and the larger universe, connected energetically.

Spirit embraces and… Continue

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Only on a Friday .... in the Spring of 2008

Ode to an elusive peace written during civil strife in Lebanon, post the Israeli war of aggression of 2006:

Beirut .... that unfathomable yet beautiful city,

home to my son for the time being,

is driving me crazy.

Just when things were going so well for son at uni;

he's evacuated along with other students,

as chaos runs riot, loud and menacing,

through the streets of this

beloved of cities.

He ducked and dived his way from… Continue

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