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Secret Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The fool is the first card in the major arcana of the tarot deck.

It means a leap of faith is required into the unknown and a decision required to start a new life phase.

Each part of life has a beginning, a middle, and ending. The tarot card represented by the fool shows the beginning of a new chapter.

If you look at the fool tarot card you see a young man lightly dressed in a colorful robe. He carries a knapsack and a flower in his hand. There is a small dog…


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3 Super Ways to Block Negative Energy


Your soul is the eternal part of you. It will exist long after your physical body dies.

Some activities give you joy. These are the ones to nurture. I have an artist friend who likes to paint. It gives her great pleasure to create paintings on her canvass. This is her thing.

You also have…

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Black Tourmaline Goddess Bracelet

BLACK TOURMALINE...I have found this personally to be effective as a shield

that blocks negative energy. It strengthens the human aura and is very

grounding. It is a cool , calming, crystal. It offers its protection to



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How To Find The Best Psychic Reader


Lets face it. There are millions of psychic readers plying their trade on planet earth. And this is good thing! But how do you get the best value?? I am glad you asked!


Not all psychics are equal. So here are some guidelines to help you choose the right psychic reader for you.


Check your psychics ability and talent in the field of the paranormal. Do they do remote viewing, mediumship, or any other… Continue

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Lady of the Lake of Avalon

Today I met the LADY OF THE LAKE. She is a Goddess of the lake of Avalon. She approached me and whispered words of wisdom into my ear. Become soft in your approach and lose the hard yang edges and maybe you too can meet the Goddess.

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There is Life After Death


Back in 1998 one of my very first remote viewing sessions had me going to a place of enormous surprise and wonder. It is the place of LIFE AFTER DEATH or, as some like to say, the place where you go to after you die called the afterlife.


The word death is actually a misnomer since you never really die. It is more like casting off the physical body. The spirit cannot be killed but lives on. It is a form of evolution and learning. It is… Continue

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Thank YOU Friends


This is a big thank you to the humble souls who have thanked me by email for my blogs. Not only this positive act, many of you have also taken the time to email me, and let me know how informative they find my blog and comments here at this site. So,

A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, in many ways, and I can feel your energy and appreciate it very much. I will endeavor to return your support in various ways.

As you know on this site over the last… Continue

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Let go of Anger

Let go of anger. Let go of hate. It only rots the soul. And care for one another.

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Kind Acts and the Afterlife

Kind acts seem to sometimes go unrewarded in life. But every positive thought and action stays with your forever as a part of you. It becomes a part of your innermost being. I call it your ENERGY SIGNATURE. It protects you in the Afterlife.

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How To Handle Negative Energy


Lots of positive energies coming through, it is much easier now to go down the road of personal development than previously because the light is shining very brightly. But dark and negative energy is putting up a fight. Think Lord of the Rings battle scenes. This is how the negative are, they go down fighting, and try to take you down with ém. Keep your safety and protection plan up, SHIELDS UP!! as some of my Lightworker friends like to say.

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Shaman Trips Up


When the shaman begins on his journey, when he enters the trade of being a shaman, he is often like someone who has just been given a new sports car to drive. He looks good in the sports car but has yet to handle all of its power when driving.

In some cities in the Western world you have black magicians who walk around in city centers, the etheric world, spreading negative energy and bad vibes to people on the earth plane. They love to cause… Continue

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Shaman and His Sacred Agreement


The shaman has codes of energy built into his aura. Much like when you receive reiki the master opens up your aura and implants cho-ku-rei and Sei-hei-ki symbols then you become empowered to channel reiki.

The shaman has these codes in his aura from his inner work. Some are given to him as gifts for his service to humanity by the celestial beings. The shaman makes an agreement never to abuse his methods but to only work for the highest good… Continue

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The Third Eye of the Shaman


The shaman looks after the people in his village. He can see into the spiritual realm and this is where problems to the body happen first before they manifest on the physical plane. Time is bent and there is part of ourselves already alive in the future, which is really the now, and on a different timeline.

So fixing things on the material plane is a backwards way to go about things. If you cut off the problem in the etheric dimension… Continue

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The White Goddess


In ancient Greek mythology Hercules was given a series of tasks to complete before he was allowed back home. In a similar way if you align to your life purpose and begin to work your tasks here on earth you attract the attention of the White Goddess.

She looks like The Greek Goddess Athena in facial features. She is white. Her hair is white, not greying, but the same color as milk. She is full of celestial power. But she is discerning who she… Continue

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Animal Protectors of the Shaman


The Shaman is close to nature. He has many natural friends in the animal realm. The animals like the shaman and there is a mutual respect and kindness between them. A sharing of energy if you will.

Animals protect the shaman. He has the wolves on his side guarding him. The eagle watches out for him. And if things get difficult he calls in the power of the jaguar which much evil is frightened of to the core of its being.

The shaman is also a… Continue

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Power Stones of the Shaman


The shamans of old passed onto us moderns the positive influence of power stones in converting negative energy into positive energy. A shaman is an expert in the process of transmutation. This is the act of changing energy from one form into another.

A hairdresser has her tools of the trade such as a hairdryer and comb. In similar fashion the shaman has tools of the trade. Power stones are a big one for him. They are imbued with ancient power, an agreement to… Continue

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Shaman Psychic Energy Training


So the psychic shaman understands negative energy very well. There are many tools one can use to combat the negative and transmute it into the positive. The wise shaman uses the following.

Simple and pure food for the body temple
A home sanctuary
Meditation and prayer
Power crystal methods not mentioned here

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Nature Working Shaman Style


Nature working is when you work with and talk to nature. From this mutual respect nature helps you and lends its powers. This is another secret of the psychic shaman.

Walks in nature clean your negative codes and corrupt information streams. The trees will allow you to borrow their energy and the air will send you more chi ions. Respect and offer prayers to nature. In return it will respect you and look after you in more ways than you can… Continue

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Body Temple of the Shaman


The body temple is used with wisdom by the psychic shaman. It is the house for the spirit and a part of the eternal Tao. Pure foods of organic origin fuel the body to perform.

They not only raise the energy level but the vibration and frequency of food influences ones well being and eventually impacts your perception of visions and clarity of messages, that is pure information streams, from the great unknown. Keep food pure and simple. And respect… Continue

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Let us examine the way of the psychic Shaman and the wisdom of the walking the way of the Tao. Both are one and the same and use whatever tools they can on their journey towards the sacred doorway.


Use a room in your own home for your sanctuary. It is here where you make a sacred space for yourself to honor your own wisdom and energy. The universal forces will respect you if you respect yourself. This is applying the… Continue

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