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REVELATION: Joseph's Message

Some books help to change our lives. If you value your future then consider the wisdom that shines through the pages of this book. Here are a couple of passages that I hope will make you sit up and think.

"If you take away the shared field of consciousness on Earth, if you take away the darkness, then the soul begins to remember that it itself is Light! If…

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Memory Lane

Take a look down Memory Lane with the technique of using our five physical senses to help make each experience unique and very enjoyable. This is all about your memories so don't be shy and share what, in essence,…


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Staying with my philosophy that everything I post is meant to be shared, find below the link to a script for a short meditation that I wrote about ten years ago. Feel free to use this either in its existing format or change it any way that suits your requirements. All you need to add is some suitable relaxing music and a creative mental environment for this type of meditation. Such activity is now becoming more commonplace where meditations can take place with small groups in the home or…


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So far I have not come across one piece of bad publicity regarding "The Meadow" novel. In fact most comments lean towards the positive, such as this testimonial posted from a sister network.

Here is the opening passage to this testimonial:

"I am close to finishing reading The Meadow, by our own Mike O'Hare and Elfreda Pretorius.  This novel is by far the most…


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This blog is all about promoting The Meadow on YouTube. It was created with the idea of story going viral with the help of a video -- or two or three lol. See "A great love story -- presented to you by… Continue

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A great love story

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To the writers of this world: Whether you write fiction, biography, historical facts or whatever, there are a few 'ingredients' which are an integral part of your being which come into play each time you dip pen in ink. No two people are alike once these 'ingredients' begin to manifest. One of the quotations I use that I credit to Jasper T. Nicoli says: "Only through opposites do we experience the contrasts in life."

He also says: "Desire is a mathematical predisposition…


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"In the beginning I would have said that Jasper T. Nicoli is the alter ego of Mike O’Hare, co-author of “The Meadow“. However, due to many strange experiences over the last few years, I’m convinced that this is a person, albeit no longer existing as a living and breathing human being."

Please read on at my blog page …


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The above title is the heading to one of the chapters in "The Meadow" novel. There has been quite a few articles and blogs written about this story but none, so far, appear to have concentrated on the animal which accompanies our two protagonists throughout the centuries as they return to the earth plane to 'live' out an existence which appears to have been some kind of…


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You either love or hate the subject concerning reincarnation. To others it's a taboo topic which should never be approached or suffer the consequences. The conventional idea behind reincarnation is that after dying we return to the Earth plane to live another life. However, when up-to-date theories are introduced and the study of quantum physics is brought into the equation, a…


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HOLD ON TO YOUR COMICS AND MAGS -- The future's only round the corner

I’m pretty sure there are many like me who have a predisposition to hoard. The Aladdin’s Cave of any home is the attic or loft where all the unwanted stuff gets piled away and is forgotten — out of sight, out of mind. My attic is the home to many of my kids’ (now grown up) old toys and comics, lovingly preserved and boxed so that one day they can be passed on or auctioned to…


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"The Colour of Music" is a rather bizarre combination of words used as the title to an article which attempts to help us understand the workings of the Universe from our perspective as human beings. We consider 'hearing' and 'sight' as two of the five natural senses which, combined with the other three, feed our consciousness with information that helps us to experience…


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I wrote this short poem just after the Tsunami hit back in 2005. As we've just passed the fourth anniversary, I thought it was appropriate to post it here. Whether it's about Tsunamis or Earthquakes, the words still fit.



Mike O’Hare

Claim me not yon winter’s tide

Your wrath cuts sway yet does not hide

The palm bends nigh as I embrace its girth

Its roots hold fast beneath the earth

I cling for life at… Continue

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One of the major contributions which determines and distinguishes a great movie from a not-so-great movie is location. When moving home, it’s all about location, location, location. We live in a three-dimensional world with great emphasis put on the material aspects of life. So why not make the most of it? Being there (location) is what triggers our five natural senses so that we can experience – and enjoy – the environment. Our emotions complete the job in hand and help us to tread new paths… Continue

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