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Blessings for Barack Hussein Obama

Lets all give our Divine Blessings to US new president Barack Hussein Obama

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Wanting to correct a mistake brings doership and doership is the foundation for mistakes.

Those who try to correct mistakes get caught up in more mistakes,

but those who recognize them are freed.

When you acknowledge a mistake, you try to justify it without taking responsibility for it.

And sometimes you accept that you made a mistake but you feel guilty about it.

Mistakes are dropped when you are troubled by your conscience or when you experience… Continue

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To be obedient to God means

To be obedient to God means to have a right to His inheritance.


We sometimes find ourselves feeling low and unenthusiastic. We tend to blame the situations and the people around which makes us feel even more dull. At such times we expect and seek God's help and power but experience no help from him.


We need to realise that we don't have to ask God for power or blessings but have a right to them. Before we perform any task we need… Continue

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Self Realisation

Throughout time, philosophers have affirmed that by stepping beyond the limitations of the egocentric self, an individual can experience `self realization'. With this realization comes a deep understanding of the worth of a human being. When I am soul conscious, my sense of identity is derived from the inherent worth of the soul, rather than from the limited impermanent image of the body.

After self–realisation comes self–remembering. To remember who I am is to develop the ability to… Continue

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Alternative Medicine is Mainstream

'Alternative' Medicine Is Mainstream

OV Staff '

The evidence is mounting that diet and lifestyle are the best cures for our worst afflictions.


In mid-February, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and the Bravewell Collaborative are convening a "Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public." This is a watershed in the evolution of integrative medicine, a holistic… Continue

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ABC's to help us change our life

From: "ijavier2766"

The ABC's of Starting Over

David Langerfeld

The ABC's of Starting Over

Is your life predictable? Do you do the same thing, day after day? Do you feel as though 2009 will be just as dull and monotonous as 2008? There is a wonderful passage that gives you a practical example of how one man changed his life. It outlines for you the ABC's of how to change your… Continue

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I make no mistakes

[menwomen_inspiredbygod] I make no mistakes.

From: "child_of_god46"

Sunday, 4 January 2009

6.40am - England

I make no mistakes


Be patient little ones, I don't make mistakes, my timing is perfect.

In quietness and trust is your strength. I will feed you and you

will be satisfied.

Be still, hear my quiet voice in the whisper, not the earthquake or

fiery wind. Be still.… Continue

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Align yourself

(This article is contributed by Khajal Khurana)

Easy is to Get

a place in someone's Address Book..

Difficult is to Get

a place in someone's Heart..

Easy is to Judge

the Mistake of others..

Difficult is to Manage

your own Mistakes..

Easy is to talk

without Thinking..

Difficult is to Refrain

the Tongue

Easy is to Hurt

someone who Loves you..

Difficult is to Heal

the… Continue

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