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Gandhi Peace Walk - Irishman Dressed As Gandhi Makes It to The White House

Well my Dear Boys and Girls, after fifteen months of walking the country, I have finally made it home. Here we are at the end of one road and the beginning of another, such is Life. A man once asked me, "Why are you walking across the country?" At the time i didn't know why, maybe it was just to stretch my legs or lose a few pounds. Well, I still can't tell him the Why of it, but I can most certainly tell him what I have learned from doing it. It goes something like this.

Starting off in… Continue

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Gandhi Peace Walk -- June Newsletter

Love The ones Your With

Well my dear readers, here we are again. It's now June and I have been away from my little home in L.A for 12 months now, but I am on the home stretch. I am currently 80 miles from Nashville with 2,346 miles under my feet and 700 to go. I will arrive happily in Washington D.C. on August 1st, all going well. Right now the only complaint I have is some blisters I have acquired from the burning Tennessee asphalt. Blisters are natures way of saying, "Slow down… Continue

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Gandhi Peace Walk -- February Blog Self-Love What's All The Fuss?

Well my dear girls and boys, here we are again. I am now in Little Rock, Arkansas, (bless my little Irish feet) the weather has been nippy but nice. It's been a busy month. I've talked about a lot of topics during the last eight months of my peace walk across America, but there is one topic I have avoided until now. The topic is Self-Love. Now what does that actually mean to love yourself. Should I hug myself, kiss myself all over, or even make love to myself (clean thoughts only please).… Continue

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Gandhi Peace Walk -- Stories From The Road

Follow Your Bliss by Dermot Butterly aka Gandhi Rolling Stone

Greetings my dear readers. Here I sit in my little camper in the long-term parking lot of the Oklahoma City airport hoping they don’t kick me out in the middle of the night. You see I just returned from a few days in Los Angeles getting some dental work done and now I’m back on the road. I’m feeling quite sad and even a little sorry for myself. The transition from a hot apartment, great meals, and the warmth of my… Continue

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