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Standing together


I believe that all of us who believe in truth must come together and stand together in peace against oppression and tyranny even if it is by our own people.


First we must become aware:

We must become aware of the forces of oppression which are keeping us divided and in fear of one another, the forces which start wars and keep wars going.


We must become aware of the forces which are keeping the majority of the world's population poor, hungry and…


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My little bit to help grow peace - protesting graphic war photos, etc.

Since the cease fire there has been a campaign to raise money for Gaza at the school where I work. I knew that many people were very upset about what had happened and many had families back there or roots there. Emotions have been very high especially since the local news channels had been running Gaza 24/7. Sometimes I wondered if I was the only objective, peace-seeking person left. Good news: At last count the school raised over 9000 dirhams for the Red Crescent (like the Red… Continue

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Making peace between my students - Would this work between nations?

Today I had to make peace between two of my 5th grade girls. One is Russian and one is a local Emirati. They have a history of conflicts and insults between them. Both are very stubborn and somewhat pugnacious. This time one insulted the other, they pushed each other, and one of them got pushed to the floor. This happened at the end of class transition (from one classroom to the next) so I didn't see exactly what happened.

I told them they could resolve this with me or with the… Continue

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Peace on Earth begins with Each of Us

When we each practice peace, we become part of a world movement towards Peace on Earth, which we all hope for ourselves and our children. First we need to remove prejudices from our minds and hearts. Almost all of us are prejudiced against some group of people.

If we are poor and unemployed, it is easy to hate someone rich with an easy, leisurely life. If we see an obviously rich person, we may feel hate or anger towards them. But we do not see the real person- they may be facing… Continue

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