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Peace Preschool in Jerusalem

Dear Friends and Parents of the Peace Preschool,

We have a few website updates!

Last year, Mike Bussey, former CEO to the Jerusalem International YMCA and an organization called T2 gave us a donation for new playground equipment. It is finally here!

If you've got the time I'd love for you to see it in person. THANK YOU MIKE AND T2!!

Last Friday we had our first Family swimming day… The parents and kids enjoyed it tremendously.

This Friday Ronit and… Continue

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Peace, Shalom and Salam!

Tell us what you think of the logos that were submitted to the Peace Preschools logo contest!

REMINDER! PEACE PRESCHOOL LOGO CONTEST Send us your idea of a logo design till 29th of June to: and win art from the kids!

Peace Preschool in Jerusalem- Please join our Facebook group and invite your friends. Together we can make a difference!

Peace, Shalom and Salam!

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Peace Preschool in space!

Heart to heart, Christian, Muslim and Jewish children are reaching for the stars!

As a courtesy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is allowing certain items for use as mementos to be taken aboard shuttle mission STS-129. Our preschool has been given the opportunity to send a banner into space! It's in the shape of a spacecraft, it would involve the children and connect with Archie Harte (Heart to Heart). Archie Harte had a vision of the YMCA to be a place when… Continue

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Peace Preschool logo contest!


We have been thinking about getting a logo for the Peace Preschool. We'd like you to help us! Send us a logo design. We'll put some of our favorites up on our website- and our Facebook group page and then let you all help us pick the best. The person who designs the "winning" logo will get art done by the kids at the preschool as a thank you gift. Please send your designs till the 22nd of June to:

Peace, Shalom and… Continue

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Peace in Jerusalem

Dear Friends and Parents of the Jerusalem International YMCA Peace Preschool,

Our website continues to be updated and added to. Last night we had a Preschool Cafe party and today we had a Shavuot party. Pictures of both are up on the site! As before, we have to make room on our main menu for the new pages but all the old pages and pictures can be found as items on the Photos page.

We hope you like the new photos! Don't forget to pass our web address on to all your friends… Continue

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YOU can make a difference! :)

Dear Friends of the Peace Preschool,

When you have time, we would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to take a look at our website- we have new pictures from our field trip in Jerusalem (In a few days we will have pictures of our babies trip posted too!) and we would love to get feedback about our site and our program.

Thank you all for your support and interest. Please help us spread the word that good things ARE happening… Continue

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Peace Preschool!

Dear Parents and Friends of the Jerusalem International YMCA Peace Preschool!

We are proud to launch our new website!! It's still being worked on but we'd like you to have a look and give us feedback.

We're particularly interested in finding out things you like about the site, things you don't like, things that don't work properly for you and things you'd like to see that aren't there.

While the site is… Continue

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How YOU can help the Peace Preschool!

Dear Friends of the Jerusalem International YMCA Peace Preschool,

Some friends had asked about donating. PLEASE do not feel obligated.

Each year the Peace Preschool continues to advance its mission of coexistence. Sadly, many parents cannot afford the $6750 yearly tuition fee and have to apply for scholarships. A well known secret is that we accept ALL children that want to be in our Preschool, even if they lack the funds to do so. This is where YOU can make a difference-… Continue

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Together, we will make laughter the language of the world!

We will plant seeds of coexistence and have the trees shout their voices out, the grass whisper them all around the world, making it a place where people are proud of who they are and what they want to become. A place where every man, woman and child can safely express their feelings, emotions and beliefs, A place were everyone accepts and respects one another no matter the differences. A place where everyone gets an equal chance to be who they really are.

We will pour hope into… Continue

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Jerusalem International YMCA Peace Preschool

Dear Friends,

During these difficult days of uncertainty, division and violence, the Peace Preschool at the Jerusalem International YMCA continues to bring together 120 children – Christians, Jews and Muslims, religious and secular, in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence.

Please join our group and invite your friends. Together we can make a difference!

Children are the hope for the future. Let’s hope and pray for Peace,… Continue

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